(BLACKFISH) The 86th Oscar nominations were announced early Thursday morning, and people are already buzzing about the Academy Awards’ biggest snubs and surprises.

Blackfish opens in theaters on July 19th. Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures
Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

This year’s surprises include Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill’s nominations for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, while the snubs include Tom Hanks’ role in Captain Phillips and a Global Animal favorite for Best Documentary Feature, Blackfish.

The controversial SeaWorld film was among 15 other films in contention for a Best Documentary nomination on an Oscar shortlist released in December.

By far the most talked about documentary of the season, Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish has inspired countless musicians and celebrities to cut ties with the amusement park. It was a strong year for movies, including documentaries, but it’s difficult to not consider Blackfish one of the best docudramas of the year.

Blackfish’s Oscar chances may have been affected by a recent winner for Best Documentary—the 2010 film, The Cove. Since hitting theaters, the film has been repeatedly compared to its predecessor, a film about the brutal Taiji dolphin hunt in Japan.

Though Blackfish’s exclusion from the Academy Awards is upsetting for many animal lovers, thankfully the film’s support continues to grow, with more people questioning the morality behind animal attractions like SeaWorld.

Much like Wreck it Ralph and Tangled, Frozen is a great Disney movie.
Disney’s Frozen is a strong contender to win the Oscar for Best Animated Film. Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

On the other hand, the Academy nominated Disney’s Frozen in the Animated Feature Film category. The film not only dazzles audiences with song, dance, and its signature Disney charm, but it also does an excellent job in demonstrating the bond between humans and animals.

Frozen is a strong contender to win in its category, but it isn’t the only animal-centric Disney cartoon getting some love. Disney’s technologically whimsical Get a Horse! is up for Best Animated Short, as well.

Will one of these animal loving films take home an Oscar? Tune in on March 2nd to find out!

— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal