Global Animal is an online news magazine and social community for all things animal, from beloved pets to exotic wildlife. It’s a virtual clubhouse for pet lovers and animal advocates worldwide to stay informed, be moved, be heard, and get involved.

GlobalAnimal.org co-founders, Leah Lessard Jeon and Arthur Jeon, created this online news magazine dedicated to connecting people to animals because there really wasn’t one. They were always bouncing around to read stories about different species – from tabby cats, to endangered African elephants, to the world’s last 750 mountain gorillas. They figured there might be others doing the same.

So what’s the purpose? Well, since animals don’t have citizenship or voices, it’s pretty clear that only people can roar on their behalf. That’s why you’ll find ‘Take Action’ opportunities in many stories. No more feeling hopeless at bad news, because GlobalAnimal.org connects readers with ways to change the news you’re reading.

But it’s not all serious. Far from it! Check out the daily Cute Attack and Touching Tales for a dose of warm-hearted hilarity from the animal kingdom. Or read the Op/Ed Den for provocative opinions on controversial issues.

Welcome to the growing pack of wild voices celebrating animals around the globe. We’re glad you’re here.

Here’s where Global Animal stands on the issues

On animal cruelty in the news

Global Animal has a policy of not publishing excessively graphic or cruel images. We also opt out of publicizing most isolated acts of animal cruelty that are spirit-crushing without an opportunity to take positive action. (We oppose fostering an abuser’s notoriety, choosing to respect and celebrate animal life instead.) It’s our belief that animal lovers are bright, compassionate individuals who want to be informed, and they deserve a news resource that shares their sensitivity. Global Animal is committed to factually delivering the news animal lovers care about without readers having to worry about being ‘mugged’ by disturbing images.

On animal welfare & animal activism

Animal welfare is a subject that incites a lot of charged feelings. It’s an immensely vast topic and not one where you find much consensus, particularly when it comes to how to take action. It’s what we at Global Animal call the PETA Principle. By that we mean, whatever the issue – and whether you agree or disagree with the tactics – there’s no shortage of strong opinions in either direction. At Global Animal, it’s no different – some of us applaud PETA, for instance, while others are critical of the group. Animal rights vs. animal welfare is something we discuss a lot.

Early on, our biggest question was, ‘Where do we stand collectively, given that each of us has a different perspective on the “best” way to benefit animals?'”

Ultimately, our decision was to support all animal organizations across the continuum. This isn’t to say that we agree with every group’s philosophy or approach. It just means that we respect the intention and efforts of those who are working on behalf of animals. We believe there’s a place for everyone who feels the connection to animals. The measurement that matters is whether our actions, as individuals, line up with our beliefs. Passion is the engine of volunteerism. That’s why dictating how someone else “should” contribute is a fool’s game that runs contrary to the spirit of giving.

PETA galvanizes some to action while others are critical, and that’s perfectly good. Animal lovers who don’t identify with PETA will find their tribe elsewhere. The world is a big formation of individual actions. There’s room for vocal opponents of factory farms and demonstrators in front of animal research labs. There’s space, too, for the woman whose activism is adopting a stray cat and the man whose commitment is to walk shelter dogs each Sunday. Caring in action takes myriad forms, and that’s exciting.

Global Animal makes the assumption that readers of a news magazine about animals care about animals. We further assume that our readers can make up their own minds about matters, that they don’t want censorship, and that rating the relative value and ethics of animal organizations is beyond our purpose. Global Animal’s agenda is simple – we strive to bring readers a wide range of news and stories from the worldwide animal kingdom. And to get the discussion-ball rolling. So, whether you agree or disagree, we hope you’ll comment and make your voice heard.

Leah Lessard Jeon, Global Animal