(CELEBRITY NEWS) Leonardo DiCaprio is speaking out against private ownership of exotic animals. The handsome actor went on Twitter and Facebook to voice his disapproval of people in the U.S. keeping exotic animals as pets. He urged his Twitter followers to sign a letter to members of Congress to prevent another Ohio tragedy from happening. Read on for the actor’s own words, and to take action. — Global Animal
Photo credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Ecorazzi, Crystal Wiltshire

Actor and philanthropist, Leonardo DiCaprio, has spoken out again over the dangers of privately owned large cats, and the animal cruelty it often leads to.

DiCaprio had been very vocal on this topic in October 2011, after the tragic killing of more than 50 escaped exotic animals from a backyard menagerie near Zanesville, OH, and is re-voicing his concerns again now.

Support the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act that would ban the private possession of big cats by sending a letter to your Member of Congress.

Using twitter and facebook, the actor has warned about the Zanesville tragedy and how restrictions and bans need to be put into place in order to prevent this from happening again.  ”Tigers, lions and cougars are kept as pets in the U.S. in alarming numbers…often leading to mistreatment and cruelty towards the animals themselves, but also diminishing big cat conservation around the world,” Leonardo posted on his facebook wall. He added, “Let’s prevent another Zanesville, Ohio tragic incident from happening again and take action to ban private ownership of big cats in the US.”

He also posted a link on twitter to a prepared letter to members of Congress, stating “Big cats like tigers & lions belong in the wild, not in people’s backyards & basements. Take action!” Well said, Leo!




  1. In light of the huge number of exotic pet owners/guardians in the United States, there are very few tragedies. Sadly, the tragedies, rather than the success stories, get news coverage and leave many well meaning people demaning new restrictions and/or laws. However those who are loving, responsible, well-providing owners end up punished because of the few irresponsible ones.

    To my knowledge, most states that allow for exotic big cat ownership also require permits to possess those cats. Wouldn’t it be better to develop a monitoring system to ensure proper treatment/containment/water/food, etc. are provided for rather than legislating an outright ownership ban?

    In addition, if private ownership is banned, where do all the privately owned animals go? It’s not as if they can be released into the wild or that they’d be better off in zoos.

    As pure exotic ownership is illegal in my state, I have two high-content Asian Leopard Cat hybrids and a high-content wolfdog. They are all highly socialized and couldn’t ask for anything more in terms of being provided for with high quality, species appropriate diets, fresh water, shelter/security/a home, enrichment, room to run, in addition to lots of love, spoiling, and interaction. Each of them is happy and content.