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Dogs Play Together In The Mud

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) These two are certainly having a dog day afternoon, playing and rolling around in the mud like there's no tomorrow. It's all fun and games, just so long as you aren't the ones giving them a bath! -- Global Animal

Sleepy Pygmy Baby Hippo In Her Pool

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Did you know baby hippos can sleep for up to 15 hours a day? This sleepy pygmy hippo calf at the Toronto Zoo is sure to melt your heart! -- Global Animal

Kitties Massage & Pamper Each Other

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) These two pampered cats are a purr-fect example of how we all deserve to be treated. -- Global Animal

Man Gets Into Hilarious Argument With A Grumpy Goat

(GOATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) While on a ranch in Wyoming, a man named Sky Garnick meets a grumpy goat and a fierce argument ensues. But no matter how much noise he makes, the goat is not able to win this battle of bleats. -- Global Animal

Captivity Crazy: The Importance Of Natural Stimuli For Captive Animals

(ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY) Researchers often use animal experiments to try to solve human issues, but in this case, they are using human data to improve the lives of captive animals. While humans demonstrate a beneficial reaction to natural stimuli, it's become clear that animals in farms, laboratories, and zoos share the same preference for natural over constructed or artificial environments. For instance, farmed animals consistently choose to spend time outdoors when given the choice, even in bad weather. Some of the physical and mental health benefits of natural stimuli (i.e. proximity to water and green space) include less destructive behavior and lower feelings of stress. Read on to learn more about researchers' findings and how it applies to non-human animals. -- Global Animal

Dog At His First Ball Game

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Imagine being a dog who's best known for eating a hot dog at Safeco Field. Meet Dash, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever from Seattle. For more of his fun adventures, follow Dash on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Tips To Make A Dog Parent’s Life Simpler

(DOGS/PET CARE) While there’s nothing quite as joyous as snuggling up with your dog, new pup parents might still find themselves a little overwhelmed at times. Between all the walking, feeding, vet visits, and training, it’s not always easy to organize your time with them, and they could need something that you aren’t even sure how to provide. But our pets are treasured family members and most people want to do a good job of caring for them, and that’s generally all you need to make the whole pet-parenting thing work. With some patience, a few helpful tips, and a whole lot of love, you’ll bond with your pup and make a lifelong friend. -- Global Animal

How Hurricane Maria Turned Puerto Rico Into “An Island Of Strays” – A Personal...

(STRAY ANIMALS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, a new, definitive study determined nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the wake of the storm--a drastically higher total than the previous official death toll of 64. Without electricity, internet, and even running water for several weeks, the country transformed into "an island of strays," as one resident describes. Puerto Rico's high number of stray dogs and cats was already an issue prior to the catastrophic storm, but given its long-term impacts, an estimated 300,000 people moved away, with many leaving their pets behind. Read on to learn how one man's personal account of living through a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Maria has given him new insight into the lives of stray animals--proving that all it takes is one person to save a life. -- Global Animal

Witness The Amazing Moment 20 Slow Lorises Are Released Into The Wild

(WILDLIFE RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this adorable video clip, witness the heartwarming moment 20 slow lorises are released into the wild for the first time in their lives. The group of seven males and 13 females--Iik, Colek, Merdeka, Najuna, Airin, Mojang, Jajaka, Haq, Gimbul, Tako, Zwitsal, Dove, Zohri, Yuna, Sari, and Itih--were all rescued from captivity by International Animal Rescue (IAR) between 2015 and 2018. The slow lorises have all started a new life in a conservation forest in West Java, Indonesia, after being surrendered to the Conservation of Natural Resources Department (BBKSDA). -- Global Animal

In Memory Of Sirius, Police Dog Killed On 9/11

(SEPTEMBER 11TH/ANIMAL HEROES/POLICE DOGS) NEW YORK — Today is the anniversary of that fateful day of terror. Not all first responder victims were of the two-legged kind. Sirius, a Port Authority Police Department K-9, was killed when the Second Tower collapsed. Read on about the only police dog killed in the attacks that day, the grief-stricken partner he left behind, and how this working dog—or perhaps more accurately, canine American—is rightfully honored along with other fallen heroes. Rest in peace, Sirius. — Global Animal

Portraits Honor 9/11 Search & Rescue Dogs

(DOG PICTURES/ANIMAL HEROES) Amid the chaos of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, nearly 100 search and rescue dogs were deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help find survivors at the World Trade Center and Pentagon sites. See the poignant photos of these four-legged 9/11 heroes and their stories below. What heroic faces! — Global Animal

One Year Later: See This Hurricane Maria Refugee Now

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Meet Camo, one of the many injured and displaced dogs rescued by PETA's animal-rescue team after Hurricane Maria. He was in rough shape when they found him, but PETA first responder Jenny could tell he was a fighter. She never left his side as he and several others were airlifted from Puerto Rico to PETA's headquarters, and she has since decided to adopt him. In this heartwarming rescue video, witness Camo's amazing transformation one year later. -- Global Animal

Hurricane Florence: Safety & Evacuation Checklist For Pets

(PET SAFETY) With storm winds reaching as high as 130 mph today, Hurricane Florence is expected to slam North and South Carolina as a Category 4 storm by the end of the week. During such chaos, animal guardians are often unsure as how best to care for their pets. Others refuse to evacuate if they cannot bring their pets along. However, not evacuating may put you and your beloved pet into harm's way. In preparation of the potentially catastrophic storm, here are some helpful tips on how to keep you and your pets safe during a natural disaster. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Oreo Ice Cream

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Celebrate the end of summer with this no-churn vegan oreo ice cream. It's extremely yummy and super easy to make--all you need is bananas, oreo cookies, peanut butter, and peanuts. You don't need an ice cream maker either--this nice cream is ready using a blender or food processor in just 5 minutes! This recipe proves that you don't need sugar or other processed ingredients to satisfy your sweet cravings. Just keep some peeled bananas in the freezer, and you can make this guilt-free frozen dessert whenever you want! -- Global Animal