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Cat Gets New Hairstyle

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This fancy cat's new hairstyle is taking the Internet by storm. For more of Achshav the Abyssinian, follow him on Instagram. -- Global Animal

‘Assassin Bug’ Uses Spider’s Own Talent Against It

(INSECTS) The aptly named 'assassin bug' actually tricks spiders into their own webs as a trap, then injects venom into the spider to kill it. A clever web of deceit, if you ask us. Read on to learn more about these clever insects' murderous maneuver. – Global Animal

Genius Dog Solves Hard Puzzles

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Ripley the rescue dog loves putting her mind to the test. Since normal dog puzzles are too easy, this brainiac pup uses her deductive reasoning skills to complete whatever puzzles or tricks her dad conjures up for her. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Guy Sings To Beulga Whales From His Kayak

(OCEANS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This guy had no idea when he started singing that beluga whales would rush up to his boat to listen. Much like Dory from Finding Nemo, his whale songs appear to enchant the whales, so he decided to dive down to give them a show they would never forget. -- Global Animal

Bat Appreciation Day: Go Batty With These Fun Bat Facts!

(BATS/ANIMAL FACTS) Bats often get a pretty bad rap due to countless myths and common misconceptions, and it's actually helping drive the species to extinction. But in reality, these "scary creatures" have an extremely important role in our environment, managing insect populations and pollinating plants. Just like bees, bats pollinate many plants and facilitate seed dispersal. Bats also eat bugs, thus reducing the amount of pesticides used by farmers (which also means less pesticides polluting the environment). In fact, scientists estimate bats in the U.S. have saved us somewhere between $3.7 and 54 billion in pest control services every year. Read on to learn more about the reasons we have to thank and celebrate bats. -- Global Animal

Hold The Tuna: Is A Vegetarian Diet Safe For Your Cat?

(PETS/PET FOOD) Pet guardians tend to feed their pets meat and fish, but some vegetarians and vegans dislike the idea and instead share a plant-based diet with their cat or dog. Is a meat-free diet healthy for your pet? Find out what some experts say in the article below. — Global Animal

Puppy Gets Hole In One

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) It's always a hole in one when you have this adorable puppy to help! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Savory Tempeh Breakfast Hash

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) This vegan tempeh breakfast hash is a savory morning meal that's full of protein and veggies, and can easily pass as lunch or dinner. Tempeh can be tricky to cook to perfection, but the key is to steam it first. This really helps mellow the bitter flavor that often makes tempeh so polarizing. Then, marinate it for as long as you'd like. Similarly to tofu, tempeh will soak up any flavor if you let it sit long enough. Feel free to swap the broccoli and tomatoes for your favorite veggies, and top it all off with a few slices of avocado and hot sauce for some extra kick. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Shelter Cat Gives Out Hugs To Find A Home (SHELTER CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This shelter cat started giving out hugs to anyone who walked by so he could find a home. To help...

Welcome To Catchella: Coachella For Cats

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Just in time for Coachella weekend, these cats take a catnip trip to Catchella, a Coachella just for cats! -- Global Animal
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Put Your Fins Together For National Dolphin Day!

(ANIMAL NEWS/DOLPHINS) Today, April 14 is National Dolphin Day, a day dedicated to the plight of dolphins of all species across the globe. These incredibly intelligent and social mammals congregate in schools of five to hundreds, and range in colors from pink, white, brown, and even black. Found all over the world, these species are threatened by a number of issues including fishing gear, ocean pollution from oil and gas development, ship collisions, and climate change. It's time to take a stand for dolphins and protect the world's oceans. On this day, take a moment to celebrate these charismatic animals with the 10 fun facts below, courtesy of Dolphin Way. -- Global Animal

Cat Trying To Catch The Bass

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This cat is trying his best to do the impossible and catch the bass from a subwoofer speaker. -- Global Animal

Dog Rescuers Disguising Commercially-Bred Puppies As Rescue Dogs

(DOG RESCUE) Since the rescue movement has been so successful in reducing animal shelter populations over the years, an increasing number of dog rescuers are opting for the auction market. Breeder auctions are witnessing more and more rescuers who pay high prices for purebred designer dogs and popular crossbreeds like goldendoodles and maltipoos and then place them up for adoption as “puppy mill rescues.” In fact, these rescuers have become a lucrative part of the dog breeding industry, accounting for up to 40 percent of the income driven from the Southwest Auction Service, the biggest commercial dog auction in the country. To put this in perspective, bidders from an estimated 86 rescue groups and shelters throughout North America have spent a whopping $2.68 million purchasing nearly 6,000 dogs and puppies from breeders since 2009 at the nation’s two government-regulated dog auctions. Continue reading to learn more about this growing underground market where donations flow from dog rescuers to dog breeders. -- Global Animal

Profit Before Pride? Facebook Facilitates Illegal Wildlife Trade

(WILDLIFE) While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent two days in the hot seat this week testifying before Congress regarding the website's oversight of user data and its role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the social networking site has also been accused of posting ads by illicit traders selling animal parts, including elephant ivory, rhino horn, and tiger teeth. In a whistleblower complaint filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, wildlife advocates allege Facebook's negligence in preventing illegal wildlife traffickers from using the platform for selling the body parts of threatened animals violates Facebook's responsibilities as a publicly traded company. Ironically enough, Facebook is one of 20 technology companies that joined the Global Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online last month. Continue reading to learn more about Facebook's hypocrisy, and take action by signing the petition: Demand Facebook Stop the Sale of Illegal Animal Parts. -- Global Animal