Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song, people everywhere are singing the praises of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest adventure Frozen.

Much like Wreck it Ralph and Tangled, Frozen is a great Disney movie.
Disney’s Frozen opens November 27, the day before Thanksgiving. Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow QueenFrozen is another one of Disney’s first class movies. Complete with song, dance, and that unmatchable Disney charm, the film will not disappoint children and parents alike.

Frozen stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Alan Tudyk, and Josh Gad, and takes a healthy spin on the topic of true love, while poking fun at the instantaneous romances that run rampant in many kid films.

Frozen doesn’t stick to plot clichés, and the story will have families leaving theaters feeling refreshed.

Focusing on the relationship between two sisters, princess Anna (Bell) and princess Elsa (Menzel), Frozen speaks on the importance of the love shared between siblings. When unforeseen chaos forces Elsa to flee her home, Anna sets out on a journey to save her sister and their entire kingdom.

Although the film deals with princesses and magic, Frozen takes a new angle on these age-old topics. In the same spirit as Disney’s 2012 film Tangled, Frozen makes the most of its entertaining musical numbers and enchanting characters.

Walt Disney Animation Studios held an event to celebrate Frozen's wrap.
The cast and creators of Frozen chill out at the film’s red carpet event. Photo Credit: Disney

The entire cast gets in on the musical fun for catchy songs like Gad’s humorous performance of “In Summer”—a song about a snowman’s desire to witness our warmest season.

However, it’s the movie’s power anthem “Let It Go” that will be stuck in your head on the drive home. The song is so powerful, it comes in two different versions—one by Menzel and the other by Disney superstar Demi Lovato.

In addition to the great songs, Frozen has stellar voice acting and animation; areas where Disney never falls short.

Frozen continues Disney’s patented tradition of showing the strong bonds between animal and man through the characters of Kristoff (Groff) and Sven.

The great animation in Frozen continues to impress and entertain.
Characters Kristoff and Sven show off some of the musical magic in Frozen. Photo Credit: Frozen

Kristoff is a nomadic, ice-selling, mountain man who is best friends with Sven, his reindeer partner. Throughout the story, Sven offers unintelligible yet invaluable wisdom to Kristoff through a language only the two of them share. Both Kristoff and Sven take care of each other in extraordinary ways, but eventually realize they have even more to offer the world by working together to help others.

Disney always does a great job of showing human and animal relationships, but Frozen goes above and beyond. Children will no doubt take a liking to both of the characters, which will go a long way in teaching kids how to respect animals.

As a special bonus before the film, theatergoers will get to experience Mickey Mouse’s first animated short since 1995.

Disney’s Get a Horse! not only retouches on the relationships between animals and humans, but it also shows just how far Disney has embraced technology. Get a Horse! is a treat; combining black-and-white animation with color and 3D computer animation.It really must be seen to be believed.

Disney's Get a Horse! appears before Frozen, it Mickey Mouses first short in almost 20 years.
Make sure you get to the theater on time and catch Get a Horse!, it’s something to behold. Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney’s Frozen opens in theaters November 27, the day before Thanksgiving, and is a fun-filled 108 minutes. It’s sure to be a great event for all families this holiday season.

Don’t forget to watch Frozen‘s trailer in the video below:

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— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal