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basil the kitten demonstrates How to Prepare a Pet for Disaster in cute video

How To Prepare A Pet For Disaster

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/PET CARE) September is National Preparedness Month! Make sure you and your pet are prepared for a natural disaster with this adorable video featuring Basil, a three-month-old kitten, gathering items for her very own disaster prep kit. See the full prep checklist, here: — Global Animal

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Total Eclipse Of The Pug

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS/DOGS/PUPPIES) Just in case you missed yesterday’s solar eclipse, watch as these two pug puppies stage their own eclipse: the total eclipse of the pug. — Global Animal

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Judge Judy Solves Doggy Dispute In Seconds

(DOGS/PETS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) TV magistrate Judith Sheindlin “Judge Judy” pulled an unprecedented move in her courtroom during a recent episode involving a doggy custody dispute. A man filed suit against a woman, claiming he was the rightful guardian of her dog. The woman said that she bought the dog off the street outside a shopping center (which […]

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Rescued Pig Befriends Squirrel

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/FARM/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this heartwarming video from Animal Place, a farm animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, watch Wilbur the pig interact with his good friend, a wild ground squirrel. The two have developed quite the unusual friendship, and the squirrel is the only animal Wilbur will allow near his food bowl! Now that’s […]

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Put Your Paws Up For Black Cat Appreciation Day!

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In celebration of Black Cat Appreciation Day, enjoy this fun, animated video from Furball Fables. Believe it or not, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding black cats as they are the least likely to be adopted at animal shelters. Black cats are often portrayed as spooky and bad luck, but luckily […]

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Extraordinary Rare White Moose Takes A Dip In Swedish Lake

(WILDLIFE/RARE ANIMALS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Local politician and nature lover Hans Nilsson has spent three years trying to capture an elusive white moose in Eda, Sweden. He recently got lucky and crossed paths with the rare bull moose, capturing stunning footage of the amazing animal crossing a shallow river and walking through tall grass. Nilsson describes the […]

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