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Knut The Polar Bear: A Life In Pictures

(PHOTO GALLERY) – The world mourns the sudden loss of four-year-old Knut, Berlin's most popular polar bear.  After being rejected by his mother, Knut was raised by zookeeper Thomas Dörflein at the Berlin Zoo.  There, he quickly became an internatoinal celebrity.   The craze surrounding Knut, dubbed "Knutmania," gained worldwide attention as his minature stuffed animals, DVDs and books sold off the shelves. Though experts are currently debating the exact cause of Knut's death, all can certainly agree: Knut will be missed.

New Preserve Allows Orangutans To Roam Free

Deforestation, slaughter, and the exotic pet trade: there exist many dangers for young Indonesian orangutans. Activists such as Birute Mary Galdikas have dedicated their lives to rehabilitating orphaned baby orangutans; however, resources are scarce, and there exist few safe places to release these primates. There is a glimmer of hope, though; read on to discover how a Hong Kong development company may give these captive orangutans a new life in the wild. — Global Animal

GALLERY: Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Currently on exhibit at London's Natural History Museum, The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, features the very best wildlife photographs, from hummingbirds to sperm whales. Check out the stunning wildlife photos from this year's competition! — Global Animal

Baby Panda Wows Photographers (PHOTOS)

AUSTRIA — Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo has successfully bred two giant pandas, and the newest cub is delighting the world with his adorable antics. See the pictures of Fu Hu, "lucky tiger," as he cuddles with his mom Ying Yang, climbs trees, rolls on the ground, and snoozes on branches. — Global Animal

Researchers In Panda Suits Release Cub Into Wild

CHINA — (PHOTOS) With only a few thousand giant pandas in existence, every precaution is taken to successfully release captive-born pandas into the wild. Even if it means dressing up in a panda costume to prevent the baby pandas from becoming accustomed to humans. Previous attempts to release pandas into the wild were not successful, so researchers are hoping this new plan will help rebuild the panda population.

Mama Elephant Goes Trunk To Jaw With Crocodile

ZAMBIA — (PHOTOS) A mother elephant and her baby were having a drink at the local watering hole when a crocodile leapt into the air to attack. The croc tried to bite off more than he could chew with this mom. See the incredible pictures here.

Snakes Mate By The Thousands, People Gawk

CANADA – If you aren't the squeamish type and welcome the sight of snakes by the thousands tangled thick as a rug, a town near Winnipeg, Manitoba  is the place for you. The snakes are so engaged in their reptilian orgy that they probably won't notice you've crashed their party and are – let's face it – gawking.

Rhino Shot Nine Times Transferred To Safety

SOUTH AFRICA– Finally some good news for this black rhino who was shot nine times by ruthless poachers. See the photos of this resilient gal's transfer to a new home where she'll be safe: the Johannesburg Zoo.

Super Dumb: A Gallery Of Stupid Animal Smugglers

(PHOTO GALLERY) Anyone who attaches animals to their body or stuffs them in a suitcase is undeniably stupid or greedy – but the people in this rogue's gallery of moronic animal smugglers are both. Check out their schemes in pictures.

20 Seriously Weird Looking Creatures (PHOTOS)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Tapirs and dumbo octopi and aye-ayes and oh, my! Take a look at 20 of the funkiest creatures around the globe and let us know who you think takes the prize. – Global Animal

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

Online Shopping Is For Bargain Hunting, Not Endangered Animals

The internet is a great place to find a deal. Unfortunately, what some people are looking for are exotic, illegally poached animals. See these seven glorious and endangered creatures that are being traded like baseball cards on the world wide web.

An Unlikely Victor

When you're tiny as a mouse and a leopard is staring you down, survival is a confidence game.

Incredible Pictures of Wildlife In Brazil and Panama

(PHOTO GALLERY) To search for and take pictures of rare wildlife species, Belgian ecologist and photographer Guido Sterkendries recently spent some time leading a Tarzan-like life in the rainforests in Brazil and Panama.

The Art of Being (GALLERY)

(PHOTO GALLERY) A magnificent collection shows the animal kingdom bursting with life. — Global Animal