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Dazzling Squid Surround Photogragher (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) CALIFORNIA — Photographer Jon Schwartz was surrounded by a giant shoal of squid off the coast of San Diego. Check out his incredible underwater pictures of the squid, and find out why they swarmed Schwartz's kayak. — Global Animal

Premature Baby Giraffe Is Long On Adorable (GALLERY)

UK (BABY ANIMAL PICTURES) — Can you imagine a five-foot preemie who's considered small? The staff of the giraffe section at Britain's Chester Zoo considers Margaret, a newborn Rothschild measuring under 60 inches high, to be one of the smallest giraffes they've ever seen. As Margaret develops, the zoo staff will keep close tabs on the young giraffe's development. Check out the photo gallery below to see amazing baby giraffe pictures. — Global Animal

Could You Eat This Sweet, Endangered Face?

(WILDLIFE) GALLERY – Last week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released the 2011 edition of the Red List of Threatened Species. As with most reports of this nature, much of the news is grave (especially for one featured species whose decline may be partially attributed to human consumption). However, one species in this gallery illustrates that while mankind does sometimes destroy nature, our conservation efforts truly make a difference. Scroll down to discover the tragically beautiful animals which comprise some of our planet's most endangered species. — Global Animal

Happy Feet Update: Surgery & Ride Home

(ANIMAL RESCUE) NEW ZEALAND – Happy Feet, the young emperor penguin from Antarctica who got lost in New Zealand, underwent surgery yesterday to remove a ball of sand he ingested. The penguin is reported to be recovering nicely and has even been offered a ride home on a Russian ice breaker! — Global Animal

Tiny Endangered Baby Sea Turtle

Terrific, Tiny Turtles (GALLERY)

WILDLIFE (PHOTO GALLERY) – In certain turtle habitats around the world, such as the US Virgin Islands, turtle nesting season is coming to a close and the hatching will soon begin! Celebrate this year's upcoming hatchlings by enjoying these baby turtle photos. — Global Animal

New Madagascar Species Look Glam In Photos

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) The 615 new species found on Madagascar between 1999 and 2010 are described in the WWF report 'Treasure Island: New Biodiversity in Madagascar.' Most of these species do not have an official conservation status yet. All, however, face the danger of extinction from rampant deforestation. Check out these glamorous pictures of new animals found on the world's fourth largest island. — Global Animal

The Boar War: Berlin’s Urban Swine Crisis

GERMANY (ANIMAL WORLD) Berliners are reporting skyrocketing numbers of boars dwelling in their German city. It seems strange that such large wild animals would take up residence in a big city, but the tusked, cloven pigs have come to call Berlin home, and their numbers are continually swelling. Read how many view the roaming boars as a nuisance, while others regard the highly intelligent swine as friends and neighbors.

Bath Time For Germany’s Newborn Sumatran Tiger Cubs (PHOTOS)

GERMANY (BABY ANIMAL PICTURES) – A pair of Sumatran tiger cubs made their debut last week at Germany's Frankfurt Zoo. New pictures show the baby big cats getting a bath from their proud mama, Malea. Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species. With a perilously low population of approximately 400 left in the world, the cubs' births were reason for celebration. — Global Animal

Coming Soon: Baby Koala Frodo Goes Home! (PHOTOS)

(KOALAS/AUSTRALIA) After six months of rehabilitation, the baby koala named Frodo will return home to the wild in the coming weeks! Last November, Frodo was shot 15 times in a gun shot assault that killed her mother. Despite the koala's grave condition, veterinarian Dr. Amber Gillett was able to perform life-saving surgeries on Frodo. The female koala arrived at the hospital at a meager 1.9 kilograms (barely more than four pounds), but now approaches the targeted 4 kilograms. "Frodo is almost ready to be released; she has come such a long way from the sick little girl that was admitted to me here at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital six months ago," Dr. Gillett jubilantly remarked. Looks like there are many more Aussie g'days ahead for the baby Frodo who stole our hearts. – Joseph Turner, Global Animal

Hotel For Snakes: Wildlife In Mississippi Floods Found In Houses

(WILDLIFE/PHOTOS) MISSISSIPPI —The floods aren't just forcing people out of their homes, but animals, too. While deer wander down city streets and cows wade out of the expanding water of the flooded river, some wild animals like the cotton mouth snake are taking up residence in abandoned houses. See pictures of wildlife escaping the rising water, and read  how animals are affected by the flood.

Royal Couple Helps Animals On Wedding Day

(ACTIVISM) Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their royal nuptials. We're thrilled that one of the 26 charities chosen for their support is involved in saving critically endangered black rhinos in Kenya and wild elephants in Thailand. Let's hope this is a sign that the royal couple loves animals and will be their protectors around the world. – Global Animal

Unlikely Friends, Hopping Happily Together

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Piglets and bunnies are both symbols of springtime sweetness, and ridiculously cute ones at that. Just in time for Easter, check out these royally cute photos of Charles and William, an unlikely pair of best friends. — Global Animal

Having A Bad Hair Day? So Are These Animals

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Everyone has a bad hair day now and then, and these animals are no exception. Check out these hilarious pictures of monkeys, dogs, guinea pigs, penguins, lions, and other animals with questionable hair styles. As you'll see, a misbehaving coif only makes one more adorable. — Global Animal

A Best Friend’s Tribute To Chewbaaka The Cheetah

ENDANGERED SPECIES (VIDEO) – Rescued cheetah Chewbaaka recently passed away at 16 years old, leaving many grieving friends behind. He and his best friend and rescuer, Dr. Laurie Marker, changed the way people view cheetahs, showing them it's possible to live peacefully with animals. Read Dr. Marker's beautiful tribute to the big cat she raised from the time he was 10 days old, and see the pictures that we can all remember this amazing animal by. — Global Animal