(RESCUE DOGS/HERO ANIMALS) Amidst the stories of humans looking out for the lives of animals, it’s always wonderful to hear about the animals who are also looking out for us. While the Wilday family and their beloved German Shepherd companion Jade were enjoying a leisurely stroll through a park in Birmingham, England, they came across the discovery of a lifetime.

Roger Wilday witnessed his dog settle down near a displaced bag in the middle of the park, refusing to leave the bag’s side until coming over to investigate. As it turns out, the bag was carrying an abandoned child who was promptly named Jade—after her rescuer. Continue reading below to find out how Jade discovered the child, and what the future holds for both the baby girl and the heroic German Shepherd. — Global Animal

German Shepherd saves an abandoned baby girl, both named Jade.
Jade the German Shepherd received the ultimate compliment when the baby she helped rescue was named after her. Photo Credit: CATERS

Daily Star, Greg Heffer

A grandad whose dog discovered an abandoned baby in a Birmingham park spoke about the amazing pet rescue and said: “We were just in the right place at the right time.”

Roger Wilday, 68, was walking German Shepherd Jade in Stechford when she inexplicably raced to bushes, then lay down next to what looked like a discarded carrier bag – and refused to return to him.

As the pensioner moved closer he realised what the loyal family pet had discovered: a newborn baby, who has now been named after her four-legged rescuer.

Roger said: ‘‘I walked over and saw a carrier bag – then I saw it move. I thought it was a bag of kittens, but then I saw her little arms and a head, and the baby started to cry.’’

The dramatic discovery took place in Marlborough House Community Park on Thursday afternoon.

Dad-of-four Roger raced to a friend’s nearby house and dialled 999, then rushed back to pick up the infant.

He said: “I thought I’m not going to touch anything because if I start messing and they come for forensics… I just didn’t want to hinder their job.

“The police told me they were on their way and asked me to pick her up and take her out of the park.’’

Moments later seven police cars and an ambulance arrived at the scene, off Stuart’s Road.

Roger, from Yardley, said: “They took the baby off me and put her straight into the ambulance. I then had to show police officers where I found her.’’

The little girl was taken to Heartlands Hospital where staff named her after hero pet Jade.

On Friday pictures and video were released of the six-pound baby , who was said to be “alert, happy and contented” as she continues to recover.

Faithful nine-year-old Jade is now receiving extra special fuss from Roger and wife Catherine, who have five grandkids, including Eliza, who was born just over two weeks ago.

Catherine, 65, said: “Jade’s never found anything before. She must have heard the baby crying as these dogs have very good hearing, plus she’s very keen on our grandchildren.

“Whenever she hears their names she whimpers. She just loves kids.’’

She added: “I’m really pleased that the nurses named the baby after Jade, it makes me so proud of her.

‘‘It’s not a typical thing to find a baby, but that’s just the kind of thing that would happen to Roger. He’s that type of person. He cares about everyone.”

Jade is being monitored around the clock by paediatricians while police continue the search for her mother.

Roger and his wife are also hoping for a future reunion with the little girl. ‘‘We are waiting to hear from police if we can see her,’’ he said.

Chief Inspector Ian Green, of West Midlands Police, said the consequences of Jade not discovering the baby could have been serious.

“The baby was lucky to be found when she was as even just a few more hours exposed to the elements could have had fatal consequences,’’ he said.

“Thankfully, we now know she’s safe and well – and our priority is very much on finding her mum to ensure her safety.

“We’re still keen to hear from witnesses – especially anyone who saw somebody with a carrier bag from The Entertainer toy shop – or anyone who could have information that will lead us to identify the mother.”

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