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Photo Credit: UPI File Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg
Cain, the heroic pit bull. Photo Credit: UPI File Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg

Jackie Bonasera of Long Island, New York, is certainly feeling the love for her pit bull, Cain.

Last Friday, Bonasera’s home erupted in flames while she was drying her hair upstairs, when Cain, a usually quiet dog, started barking. His bark prompted Bonasera to investigate downstairs, where she discovered that the area around her garage had gone ablaze.

With Cain’s help, Bonasera was able to escape her burning home untouched. However, once she reached safety she realized Cain wasn’t by her side. Grateful for her life, Bonasera rushed back in to find Cain, saying, “He saved my life, I have to save his.”

Fortunately, both Cain and Bonasera made their way out of the burning house. If not for Cain’s help, Bonasera is adamant that she wouldn’t have survived the fire. The flames were eventually extinguished, and the Nassau County bomb squad is currently looking into the cause of the fire.

As a breed, pit bulls are often ostracized by much of society, but Cain is proof that these dogs can love as much as any other. There’s no doubt that Jackie Bonasera is happy she’s the proud companion of a pit bull, proving that dogs treat others how they are treated themselves, and that breeds aren’t inherently bad.

In fact, this is hardly the first time a pit bull has saved his/her companion.

Cain the pit bull, with Bonasera's daughter. Photo Credit: NBC
Cain the pit bull, with Bonasera’s daughter. Photo Credit: NBC

Last March, a 10-year old pit bull named Baby saved her family from a similar situation in Oklahoma, and a year ago in May, a pit bull named Lily saved a Bostonian woman who had fallen on train tracks. Also, in October of 2011, a pit bull named Titan, alerted a man that his wife was in the process of having a brain aneurysm.

Many people seem to only talk about the negative stories surrounding pit bulls, but it’s become increasingly important that the positive ones are highlighted as well.   

Watch a news report of the incident in the video below.

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