Cher, A Ringleader Against Circus Animal Abuse

Abusive methods are often used to train circus animals. Photo credit: Kerri9494 via flickr
Abusive methods are often used to train circus animals. Photo credit: Kerri9494 via flickr

American icon Cher is back in the tabloids as of late, and it is for more than her brief stint as a mentor on NBC’s “The Voice,” helping out three-time winner Blake Shelton.

Cher is taking a break from bashing Miley Cyrus on Twitter to speak out against animal cruelty. The Goddess of Pop has been on a tweeting frenzy, with her latest target being Ringling Bros. circus.

Cher tweeted at Ringling Bros. saying:

“They should be put in jail 4 all the pain they’ve put their animals through.”

Cher's outspoken tweet to Ringling Bros. Photo Credit: Twitter
Cher’s outspoken tweet to Ringling Bros. Photo Credit: Twitter

Cher is the latest celebrity to speak out against the circus and their cruel animal environment.

It is well-known that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus put their animals through torturous and excruciating pain in order to get the animals to perform.

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Cher once dressed as a circus ringleader during one of her performances, but now she is a ringleader for putting an end to circus animal abuse! Photo Credit:

For instance, while the circus makes it cross country run, they cage their animals for at least 26 hours (sometimes topping at 60 to 100 hours) at a time while traveling.

Ringling Bros. also uses torture as their technique (bull hooks, electric shock, beating, ropes, etc.) to get their animals to perform well-recognized tricks such as sitting up and balancing on their own heads.

Instead of these animals growing up in nurturing, loving environments, they are forcefully stripped from their mothers shortly after birth and brought into a world of animal slavery. Elephants are meant to roam around miles of soft land every day, and instead Ringling Bros. cruelly keeps them caged, living in their own urine and fecal matter.

Because the circus treats their animals with no respect or love, it also teaches children that this kind of behavior towards animals is acceptable. By supporting the circus when it comes to town, you are essentially telling your children that the horrendous abuse that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey put their animals through is okay.

Children Psychiatrist Sujatha Ramakrishna, M.D. notes there is a direct correlation between how children treat animals at a young age, and how they will eventually treat other humans. By taking your kids to the circus, you are teaching them to use animals for pleasure and entertainment, and to lack empathy for other living beings.

— Cara Meyers, exclusive to Global Animal

Join Cher in boycotting the circus! Protest The Cruelest Show On Earth (SCHEDULE BY CITY)!

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