Dori Edwards, Global Animal

While the award-winning documentary “The Cove” brought awareness to the relentless atrocities committed against Japan’s Taiji dolphins, organizations such as the Sea Shepherd spend each dolphin hunting season tirelessly documenting the annual murder in order to bring light to the devastating situation.

The organization’s very own Cove Guardian, Erwin Vermeulen, was recently released from a two-month imprisonment for false accusations about his presence at a dolphin hotel.

Taiji Cove dolphins are relentlessly exploited and were recently purchased by Aspro International for showcase purposes at European Marinelands. Photo Credit: aresauburn via flickr

The documentary and dolphin defenders have created an awareness that has helped decrease the demand for dolphin meat and increased global support for these beautiful beings, but current events reflect the unrelenting exploitation of these Japanese dolphins.

The Taiji Cove is often used as a slaughterhouse and has now become a working factory for the largest executor of marine wildlife parks in the world. Buyers from Aspro International, believed specifically by Sea Shepherd to be from Marineland Mallorca, purchased six live dolphins from the cove at several hundred thousand dollars a piece.

Sea Shepherd volunteers are appalled by the Marineland executives, who stand by the motto: “The future survival of mankind depends on living creatures coexisting in harmony.” It does not seem harmonious, but rather disruptive, to spend resources buying and uprooting a live being from its natural environment for selfish purposes.

As Cove Gaurdian Leader Melissa Sehgal so aptly states, “It’s unconscionable that the foundation’s philosophy about the importance of coexisting with nature does not extend to the dolphins of Taiji. By purchasing dolphins captured in the Cove, they are indirectly contributing to the horrific bloodshed that goes on here.”

Per agreement, the dolphins purchased from the Taiji Whale Museum for Marineland were not part of a hunt in the cove. However, these ocean mammals are stolen from their families and natural habitat only to be introduced to glass confinement and objectification. These creatures must also endure hardships while they are transported by plane to Marineland locations throughout Europe.

Though the dolphins did not result from a murderous rampage, herding these mammals can be very dangerous and life threatening. A member of the Taiji

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Cove pod was found dead after the dolphins not selected were driven back into the open sea by insensitive humans. Cove Gaurdians believe the individual was either overtaken by stress or injured during the drive and was later sold for meat. 

Is there any end in sight for these dolphins? From slaughter to showcase, these amazing animals have been the victim of endless torture and abuse.

Global defense from animal activists has offered some relief, but not enough. We must continue to spread the awareness and stand-up for these innocent beings. Marineland will not have our business but the following petition will. Do your part. Sign the petition and help put an end to Taiji dolphin exploitation.