Japan Dolphin Day: Protest The Slaughter In Taiji

Samantha Ellis, Global Animal

(TAKE ACTION) Every year Japanese fishermen trap approximately 2,000 dolphins in a secluded bay in Taiji. Of those 2,000 dolphins, a few dozen are selected to be sold to aquariums and the rest are slaughtered for meat.

The horror of the Taiji dolphin slaughter was brought to world-wide attention in 2009 by the award-winning documentary “The Cove.” In spite of global outcry, the killing is scheduled to begin again on September 1st.

It’s not all bad news, however. You can help Ric O’Barry and his Save Japan Dolphins Team end the slaughter. The Save Japan Dolphins Team, joined by volunteers from more than 11 countries, is heading to Japan to put the pressure of international scrutiny on the officials who allow this hunt, and to inform the Japanese people of the truth about what is going on.

To help the Save Japan Dolphins Team you can donate to their cause HERE, or you can attend a local Japan Dolphin Day event in your area on September 1st. Find out HERE where local events are happening. You can also purchase a September 1st Dolphin Campaign t-shirt HERE.

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  1. Japan is violating international law by whaling and also by cruelly killing dolphins. I sometimes think the recent tragedies in Japan were the result of curse of these poor creatures mercilessly slaughtered by a rich and affluent nation for whom the meat or the trade of whale meat is not crucial for its survival.