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Turkeys have been so manipulated by farmers to produce the best Thanksgiving dinner meat that they can no longer mate naturally. Photo Credit: Andrea Goh via Flickr

Turkeys Raped By Technology For Thanksgiving

(THANKSGIVING/TURKEYS/ANIMAL CRUELTY) With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is necessary we re-evaluate our traditions. Each Butterball Turkey purchased for the dining room table condones cruel procedures that have forever destroyed the natural abilities of these once wild animals. In order to create the meatiest birds, farmers breed for a large breasted turkey. As a result of this […]

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<p>Yulin, China's dog meat festival plans to proceed amidst heavy opposition. Photo Credit: Ian Somerhalder Foundation  </p>

Local Activists Vs. Chinese Dog Meat Market

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOGS/PETS) In recent years, China has seen an increase in activism against the dog meat market. However, a lack of resources and legal support has kept from saving and protecting the region’s dogs. There are several stories regarding the rescue of thousands of dogs mid-transport to slaughterhouses, yet the aftermath of the rescue is […]

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cat, kitten, kitty, pictures of animals, pictures of cats, pictures of kittens

The Truth About Declawing: What Vets Aren’t Telling You

(ANIMAL WELFARE/PETS) Declawing a cat is the equivalent to amputating a human finger at the third knuckle, and yet twenty-two million domestic cats per year are declawed in the United States—a third of which reap serious behavioral and physical consequences from the procedure. Due to a general ignorance and perpetuation by greedy vets, the procedure […]

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the paw project documentary movie about cat declawing surgery

Movie Review: “The Paw Project,” A Catfight Against Declawing

(PRESS RELEASE/ACTIVISM)- A non-profit organization that aims to ban the practice of declawing cats, The Paw Project, has released their first documentary on Netflix. The film addresses the abusive reality of the procedure and explores the cruel emotional and physical consequences it has on our feline friends. Continue reading for the documentary synopsis and to […]

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A new deep sea species is classified in its own order. Photo credit:

Deep-Sea Discovery: New Species Comes To Surface

(OCEANS/SPECIES DISCOVERY) After four years of research by the American Natural History Museum, what was thought by researchers to be the world’s largest sea anemone has now been classified as the first species in a new order of animal, Cnidaria. The new order is “a classification equal to Carnivora in mammals or Crocodilia in reptiles,” […]

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<p>have their own language, own food source. They don’t interbreed with other groups of killer whales. Photo Credit: Stock Photo</p>

Wild Orca Outlives SeaWorld Whales & Titanic Crash

(ORCAS/OCEANS) After the release of Blackfish, more evidence against SeaWorld has the entertainment corporation floundering. A Pacific Ocean orca pod recently returned to the coast and its matriarch is estimated to have outlived, by nearly four times, SeaWorld’s claim that orcas live only 25-35 years in the wild. Known by researchers as “J2,” or more affectionately […]

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french bulldog butterbean, rescue shelter dog

A Rescue Dog’s Freedom Goes Beyond Leaving The Shelter

(RESCUE DOGS/OP/ED DEN) He rolled over in gratefulness and exalted freedom, melting like butter in my lap when he was escorted out of the shelter. Butterbean, rightfully named for his melting appreciation, was rescued two weeks ago before being euthanized in the Downey, California shelter where he was being held. As I watched him burst through […]

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Abusive methods are often used to train circus animals. Photo credit: Kerri9494 via flickr

Animal Defenders International Rescues Thousands

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips are co-founders of Animal Defenders International, an organization that uses undercover evidence to inform the public of animal exploitation and encourage change. Together the pair secured a prohibition of animal experimentation throughout all 26 countries in Europe. The ban on animal experimenting “is saving 30,000 animals every year in […]

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<p>Summer Brennan and her rescued mustang Amado. </p>

Girl Rescues Wild Horse In “Extreme Mustang Makeover”

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK — For years, the Bureau of Land Management has been using helicopters to corral and subsequently contain wild mustangs in order to claim their natural environment for industrial purposes. To raise awareness about the issue and promote adoption, the Mustang Heritage has been hosting a competition called the “Extreme Mustang Makeover” […]

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Two Sisters Adopt Dog Facebook Likes

Sisters Adopt Dog With One Million Facebook Likes

(TOUCHING TALE) On January 15, two young sisters started a Facebook that accumulated 226,ooo followers within 24 hours with a profile picture that gained 1.2 million ‘likes’ within just seven hours. After the girls and their family lost their beloved dog to cancer, the children wanted another family dog. When they asked their parents, their […]

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<p>Animal companions are dedicated beings. Holly the cat made a 200 mile trek in order to be reunited with her guardians. Photo credit: Louis Abate via flickr</p>

Cat Walks 200 Miles To Get Home

(TOUCHING TALES) FLORIDA — In November of last year, Jacob and Bonnie Richter of West Palm Beach, Florida brought their cat Holly on a family vacation to nearby Daytona. When fireworks went off near the motorhome they were staying in, Holly bolted from the vehicle. After relentless efforts to recover their beloved feline, the Richters unfortunately […]

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New York City Architects have banded together to provide the metropolis' feral cats with places of refuge. Photo credit: Kathy Doucette via flickr

NYC Stray Cats Given Place To Call Home

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK CITY — Moss-covered coolers and recycled aluminum can enclosures are New York City’s newest architectural feats. On January 10, Big Apple architects proudly displayed their designs and constructions.Three years ago, architect Leslie Farrell established Architects for Animals, a movement to bring attention to the high population of feral cats in the metropolis. […]

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The red wolf is one of the world's most endangered animals.

Hunted Red Wolves Mistaken For Coyotes

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) NORTH CAROLINA — According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services, the Red Wolf is one of the most endangered species in the world. In a recent statement by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, “fewer than 100 red wolves remain in the wild.” The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently approved coyote hunting within […]

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Cat Cafes: Drink Coffee Alongside 20 Cats

(CAT CAFE) LONDON — Entrepreneur and cat lover Lauren Pears is currently raising money to open the metropolis’ first cat cafe. The idea for this animal lover’s paradise first came to fruition five years ago in Japan. In the world’s third most populous city, many apartment renters are not allowed animal companions in their home. Seeing the demand […]

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