(ANIMAL RIGHTS/ANIMAL TESTING) Organic cosmetics giant, Juice Beauty, recently chose to sacrifice money for animal rights. Upon learning that Chinese markets require cosmetic testing on animals, Juice Beauty opted out of the lucrative market, vowing not to commit until such absurd requirements are lifted. Several other companies have also made the vow, and many more are on the way. Read on to discover how Juice Beauty earned PETA’s “Courage in Commerce Award” for their compassionate actions! — Global Animal
Juice Beauty chose to forego the lucrative Chinese cosmetic market in favor of standing against animal testing. Way to go JB! Photo Credit: beautylish.com
Juice Beauty chose to forego the lucrative Chinese cosmetic market in favor of standing against animal testing. Way to go JB! Photo Credit: beautylish.com

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Organic Eco-Beauty Company Withdraws From Lucrative Market Rather Than Testing On Animals

San Rafael, Calif. — After learning from PETA that the Chinese government currently requires cosmetics and personal-care companies to pay for archaic and cruel tests on animals in order to market their products there, organic cosmetics giant Juice Beauty has made the compassionate decision to end all sales in China.

For staying true to its cruelty-free principles, Juice Beauty will receive PETA’s CourageIn Commerce Award. Other ethical companies that have put principles before profit and pulled out of the Chinese market include Paul Mitchell Systems, Dermalogica, Pangea Organics, and Nature’s Gate. And a growing list of compassionate companies–including NYX, Urban Decay, and San Francisco–based 100% Pure–have pledged not to enter the Chinese market until the requirements for tests on animals are lifted.

“PETA is proud to recognize Juice Beauty for ensuring that no animals anywhere in the world are harmed for the company’s fantastic products,” says PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. “Compassionate companies and consumers alike are standing up and pledging to support only modern, humane cosmetics testing.”

Juice Beauty spokesperson and actor Alicia Silverstone is a longtime PETA supporter and one of the group’s most popular vegan celebrity activists. She has supported PETA in encouraging kind shoppers to choose cruelty-free companies, which are easier than ever to find with PETA’s online list of companies that don’t test on animals and PETA’s global cruelty-free shopping guide (available on PETA.org).

In China, approximately 300,000 rabbits, mice, and rats are poisoned and killed every year in cruel, unreliable tests, which are illegal in the EU, India, and Israel.

In early 2012, PETA first broke the story that some companies claiming to be cruelty-free were secretly paying for tests on animals in China and immediately initiated a unique effort to end these cruel cosmetics testing requirements. PETA called on experts at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) to provide Chinese officials with training in the use of non-animal methods.

Thanks in part to grants from PETA, scientists from IIVS have set up training laboratories at four different universities in China and have been training Chinese scientists in non-animal test methods. China is now in the process of approving the country’s first non-animal cosmetics test method and has a five-year plan for the acceptance of all non-animal test methods used in the EU.

For more information, please visit PETA.ORG.

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