(CELEBRITY NEWS) Leona Lewis, winner of the 3rd season of The X Factor (UK), is launching her new limited edition cruelty-free makeup and fragrance collection. The longtime vegetarian has joined forces with The Body Shop to raise awareness about cruelty-free beauty with the debut of this inspiring new line. Lewis, who just released her 3rd studio album, Glassheart, is passionate about animal rights as well as beauty and is very excited to be The Body Shop’s newest brand activist. Read on for the complete interview with Leona Lewis, and check out the video of the compassionate singer talking about her new role with The Body Shop. — Global Animal
Leona Lewis debuts her cruelty-free makeup line with The Body Shop. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Leona Lewis debuts her cruelty-free makeup line with The Body Shop. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Daily Mail, Ateh Jewel

The nation fell in love with Leona Lewis, the sweet and shy Hackney born singer with a four octave range, back in 2006 after she won the third series of the X factor.

Since then Leona has gone on to become a global star with international success with seven Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards nominations and over 20 million records sold worldwide.

As well as releasing her third album Glassheart this month, Leona has now joined forces with The Body Shop to be their new brand activist and raise awareness of cruelty free beauty with the launch of her new limited edition make-up and fragrance collection.

Here Leona talks to FEMAIL about her exciting new collaboration.

Why are you collaborating with The Body Shop?

I’m passionate about beauty and I’m all about animal rights and Community Fair Trade. As a result, I’m really conscious of where the products that I use come from.  The Body Shop sells cruelty-free, ethically-sourced products containing amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients.

Everything it creates has real soul – they call it “Beauty With Heart” – and I love being a part of that. The collaboration is a natural fit and I’m proud to be their Brand Activist!

What does Beauty With Heart mean to you?

To me, Beauty With Heart means that you can be sure that the beauty product you’re using has not hurt any person or animal in the process of being made. The power to choose Beauty With Heart is in every consumer’s hands; I don’t believe people would choose anything else if they knew they had a choice.

The Body Shop supports Cruelty Free International and their campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics, can you tell us more about this? 

The Body Shop has always been against animal testing, but unfortunately some cosmetic companies aren’t and still use animals to test their products on or the ingredients they use to make them.

The Body Shop has joined forces with Cruelty Free International in their bid to push for a global ban on the testing of animals for cosmetics. Customers and supporters can either go into store and sign the pledge or visit www.thebodyshop.com

Why do you want people to sign the Cruelty Free International Pledge?

The fact is that there are alternative tests that are far more superior to testing on animals. It’s a cruel, barbaric and an unnecessary process. This cruelty can end if we speak out loud enough and I urge everyone to sign this pledge.

Tell me a little more about the new Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis?

I worked with The Body Shop team to develop the collection and the floral pattern for the cruelty-free deer logo which is featured on the packaging, which I love!

The Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis is a playful, fashion- forward collection that’s perfect for spring, bursting with free spirit and wearable shades for every skin tone. It features trend-led make-up and a playful musk fragrance, all presented in super-stylish packaging with a pretty, floral deer motif.

I chose two wearable colour palettes that would suit all skin tones from fair to dark; a flirty, feminine pink that is going to be a key trend this season, and a sun-kissed bronze which is perfect to help give skin a glow this spring.

Is a beauty brand that is vegetarian important to you when choosing your beauty products?

I have been veggie since I was about 12. I call myself a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. When I choose a beauty product, I always make sure it is 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty free. I wouldn’t feel beautiful using anything else.

How would you describe your beauty/ signature look?

I’m always chopping and changing and love trying different things. I’d say simplicity is key though.

What beauty products  do you keep is in your handbag and why?

I always have lip balm and I usually have my bronzer in my bag to top up throughout the day.

Who is your beauty icon and why?

I adore Thandie Newton because she has such an effortless natural beauty. Her sense of style is so chic and elegant, she always looks amazing.

How does your look differ when you go on stage/ red carpet?

I love a beautiful gown on stage, and luckily I’ve been fortunate to wear some amazing dresses. Day to day I’m more relaxed, although I do enjoy the odd night curled up on the sofa watching Eastenders in a Cavalli gown!

What beauty rituals do you have to help you relax while on tour?

I really love getting hot stone massages. They really help me relax and it’s so soothing for your muscles. While I tour I like to run a lot also, it clears my head and helps me focus.

Whether her hair is straight or curly it always looks healthy and fabulous what products do you use?  

The Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis is a playful, fashion- forward collection that’s perfect for spring, as modelled by Leona herself

I have naturally curly hair but when I’m not wearing it curly I usually blow dry it straight. I use products like The Body Shops Coconut Oil and deep conditioning treatments in their Rainforest Haircare range to keep it from getting too dry.

Horse riding is really important to you how long have you ridden? When you are not near a stable what other exercise do you do?

I’ve ridden since I was about 8. It’s something I’m really passionate about and when I’m not immersed in my music I’m at the stables. I also like to do spin classes, bikram yoga and running as often as I can.

Your skin looks really fresh even after a grueling schedule and flying how do you keep your skin looking glossy and glowing? 

I think I got some good skin genes from my grandma! But I literally sleep with oil on my skin, I like to be overly moisturised! I also like drinking juices from the pressed juicer. My favorite is kale spinach cucumber apple!

You love your nails and nail polishes – what products do you use like using and any mani/pedi bars you can recommend in London, New York or LA?

I love getting my nails done – I have a great nail girl called Stephanie Staunton, that does really cute designs for me!

Describe yourself in ten words or less?

Happy, totes emosh (‘totally emotional’), funny, creative and passionate.