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Rachael Ray teams up with the ASPCA for the $100K Challenge. Photo Credit:
Rachael Ray teams up with the ASPCA for the $100K Challenge. Photo Credit:

The ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge is back!

Throughout the months of June, July, and August, forty-nine shelters across America are competing to save as many animal lives as possible and hoping to break their previous year’s records for the same three-month period. 

Last year’s competing shelters saved more than 56,000 dogs and cats during the contest by energizing their teams, rallying their communities, and finding animals loving homes. This total was a 14,376 increase in lives saved over 2011.

Every year, the ASPCA teams up with Rachael Ray to award $100,000 to the winning shelter that achieves the greatest increase in lives saved during the challenge. An additional $500,000 in prize grants will be awarded to other successful shelters in categories that include best in division and best job in engaging its community members in helping to save more animals. Cash prizes can also be won for a photo contest and general participation.

Rachael Ray is no stranger to helping animals and even has her own line of pet food, Nutrish, that benefits homeless cats and dogs. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Nutrish go to organizations, like ASPCA, to support animal shelters and organizations around the country.

The ASPCA is confident the participating shelters will rise to the occasion and save even more animals this summer than ever before! But keep in mind, pet adopters—these shelters need your help to accomplish their goals!

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