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Have A Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Day!

(CATS & DOGS/PET CARE) All around the world, February 14 is the day to exchange gifts, flowers, and chocolates all in the name of St. Valentine. This special time of year can be just as fun for pets as it is for humans, if the right precautions are taken. Read on to learn how you […]

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<p>This Mexican tortilla pizza will kick-start your week in a big way! Photo Credit: Food Network</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Pizza Time!

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Kick-start your week with a Mexican treat! This marvelous medley of tomato, cilantro, and homemade bean dip will make you loco for more. So make your Monday a fiesta, and try this vegan Mexican tortilla pizza recipe today! — Global Animal

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<p>Try this amazing vegan rice salad. Photo Credit: Vegangela</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Zesty Rice Salad

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Summer is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with this bright and fun salad? This Thai-inspired dish with cilantro, peanuts, fresh lime juice, and mango is bursting with bold flavors and meat-free deliciousness. So take your taste buds on an exotic journey, and try this delightful recipe today! — […]

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<p>Try this avocado and tangerine salad with jalapeno vinaigrette today! Photo Credit: Bon Appetit</p>

Meat-Free Monday: 4th Of July Style

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Have an animal-friendly 4th of July with this fun and festive vegan recipe! Bursting with fireworks of flavor, this avocado and tangerine salad with homemade jalapeño vinaigrette will make the perfect addition to any Independence Day celebration. So, grab your sparklers and salad tongs, and try this party on your plate today! […]

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<p>Try this delicious vegan pear tart today! Photo Credit: Food Network</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Pear Tart

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Tickle your sweet tooth this Monday with a scrumptious vegan pear tart! The perfect blend of flaky pie dough, pears, cinnamon, and almond extract will have you and your taste buds in a complete fruit frenzy. So grab your rolling pin, and try this unbelievably easy vegan pear tart recipe today! — […]

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<p>Chickens may be smarter than you think. Photo Credit: Shutterstock</p>

Who’s Smarter, The Chicken Or The Toddler?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Chickens are definitely smarter than they look, according to a very enlightening study. The domesticated fowl is able to apply logic, understand physics, navigate efficiently, and much more. Some of the chicken’s mental capabilities are usually only seen in children above the age of four, thus inferring that chickens may be smarter than your average […]

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<p>A delicious serving of pipián pesto tortellini with seared asparagus and roasted tomatillo sauce. Photo Credit: Merida Anderson</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Earth Day Edition

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) In honor of Earth Day, Chef Merida Anderson, longtime vegan and chef of Vegan Secret Supper events in New York and Montreal, shares her story about becoming a vegan and her early attempts at vegan cooking. The progressive chef also discusses what ingredients every vegan should have in his/her pantry and provides […]

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<p>A seagull doing its part. Photo Credit: Sister72, Flickr</p>

6 Animals Who Love To Recycle

(GREEN/WILDLIFE) Animals are chipping in and doing their part when it comes to recycling. Yes, our animal friends are going green and need us to get with the program. Read on about six animals who truly know what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle. — Global Animal

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<p>Have a fiesta with these no meat dairy-free garlickee tacos. Photo Credit: Food Network</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Garlickee Taco Time

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Want to add a little spice to your Monday? Begin your week with a tomato, corn, and avocado fiesta! These vegan garlickee tacos are bursting with flavor and meat-free fun. Check out the recipe below, and go loco with tacos tonight! — Global Animal

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<p>Try this delicious tofu feta, watermelon, and basil salad recipe. Photo Credit: </p>

Meat-Free Monday: Spring Fever

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Have no fear; spring is here! And so is this refreshing vegan salad recipe made with marinated tofu, watermelon, and basil. Yum! So tantalize your taste buds today with this sensational spring recipe! — Global Animal

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<p>A delicious serving of polenta with spring vegetable ragout. Photo Credit:</p>

Meat-Free Monday: The Perfect Spring Recipe

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Spring is finally here, and so is the perfect spring-time vegan recipe! Start the season off right with creamy polenta topped with a fresh spring vegetable ragout. Read on for this delicious vegan recipe that will definitely put a spring in your step. — Global Animal

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<p>A delicious serving of vegan Thai curry vegetables. Photo Credit: NY Times</p>

Meat-Free Monday: Yummy Tummy Curry

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Start your week off right with this tasty Thai-inspired vegan dish! Fresh vegetables sautéed in coconut milk, soy sauce, and lime will make you hurry home for this curry delight. Read on for this scrumptious recipe that will whisk you away to the exotic streets of Bangkok without ever leaving your kitchen. […]

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