(SHELTER PETS) Approximately 200 pit bulls are put down every day in Los Angeles County due to lack of available homes for the adorable pooches. Hope, an orange and white pit bull, was abandoned at a Los Angeles shelter one week before she gave birth to nine puppies. Giving birth and nursing newborn pups at a shelter are stressful undertakings for new mothers, and Hope lost three of her babies during those first few days. Even in this dire situation, Hope continued to smile, wag her tail, and refused to give up hope. Read more about the spirited pit bull and her family’s miraculous tale. — Global Animal

Hope the pit bull gives birth to nine puppies. Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Hope the pit bull gives birth to nine puppies. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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It is shocking to know that in Los Angeles County alone, 200 pit bulls are put down every single day, because there are not enough homes for them. Imagine how that number grows when you think of all the cities, in all the states, across the country. It is hard enough to find a home for a healthy pit bull, let alone an ill, injured, or pregnant one. Unweaned, motherless newborn pups are often put to sleep because the shelters simply don’t have the resources to help them. That’s why this story is so special. It’s the story of one pit bull mix that is nothing short of a miracle.

Meet Hope, an orange and white pit bull that was dumped by her family at a Los Angeles shelter in early November 2012. It was the winter; right before the holidays. Not a good time for any animal to be abandoned. It must have been horrifying to be abandoned like that, but Hope never stopped smiling and wagging her tail. A week later, Hope gave birth to nine puppies. One wagging tail, turned into 10 wagging tails.

It is common for puppies born at the shelter to succumb to the elements or be euthanized. It’s a stressful time for nursing mothers; tight quarters spread disease quickly, there are limited resources and not always proper shelter from the elements. Hope lost three pups those first few days. Time was not on Hope’s side.

Shelter workers were doing the best they could to help as the remaining six pups fought to survive. Hope struggled to feed her babies despite her slim frame, which had withered from stress and lack of proper care.

For two weeks Hope, who was barely more than skin and bones herself, struggled to care for her pups. Through it all, Hope never lost hope, she continued to smile and wag that happy tail as if she knew help was on the way…and it was.

The Pet Collective, and New Leash on Life, a Newhall, CA based rescue, teamed up to rescue Hope and her remaining six pups. At the shelter that day, there were thirteen litters of newborn pups fighting for survival. Hope and her family were the lucky ones.

After being pulled from the shelter, the new family was taken to the Vet where all the pups were examined and deemed healthy. Hope, on the other hand, was instructed to pack on the pounds and she did just that. (Hope was so hungry she even stole food from the camera crew who were there to film her arrival at New Leash on Life.)

Within two months, Hope and her pups had fattened up and were ready to go home. The only problem was that they had no homes to go to. New Leash on Life got to work, and Hope watched as each of her adorable pups were adopted. Soon after the last pup was adopted, Hope found her forever home too.

It was love at first sight. Tina wasn’t at New Leash on Life to look at Hope, but as soon as she laid eyes on our beautiful girl, it was true love and a happy ending. It was truly meant to be.

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