(SERVICE DOGS) Last week, the Boston Marathon came to a tragic end after two explosions went off, killing three people and injuring more than 170. In the wake of this disaster, our furry, four-legged friends have really stepped up to the plate as Lutheran Church Charities has flown three specially-trained therapy dogs out to Boston to help provide therapy for those shaken up from the bombings. The Illinois-based charity dogs have joined two others who have been staying with the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School every school day since the December shooting. The well-trained service dogs share their love and provide a calming effect just by interacting with people in a time of need. “When patients see the dogs, they light up and smile. It gives them a chance to release,” said Tim Hetzner, president of Lutheran Church Charities. “In many cases they talk to the dogs like they are counselors, big furry counselors.” Take a look at these dogs in action and see how they’re giving people a reason to smile. — Global Animal

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