(RESCUE DOGS) After Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast U.S., hundreds—if not thousands—of pets remain homeless and in need of assistance. Fortunately, rescue organizations are working tirelessly to provide care for these helpless animals and, hopefully, reunite them with their guardians. And while many dogs are still in need of help, other dogs are actually doing some of the helping. Search and rescue teams along with their four-legged companions arrived in Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. See the photos below and donate to animal rescue organizations working on the ground in the tri-state region. — Global Animal
Jed is a search dog who works with the Maryland Urban Search and Rescue Task Force. Photo credit: Handout / Reuters


Jed is shown on a flight to Staten Island, New York to search through houses for those who need help. Photo credit: Handout / Reuters


New York City Police Emergency Service K9 Unit officer Chris Theofield works with his canine partner, Brutas. Photo Credit: Mike Segar / Reuters


Brutas searches for victims amongst the New York City debris Photo credit: Mike Segar / Reuters


Photo credit: Mike Segar / Reuters


National Disaster Search Dog Foundation’s search dog Marci and Jason Geary were successful on Wednesday in assisting people to safety in Long Beach, New York. Photo credit: Search Dog Foundation

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