(ACTIVISM) SOUTH AFRICA — Each year, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji on the south coast of Japan. Bottlenose dolphins are then pre-selected by trainers and sold for as much as $200,000 to marine parks all over the world such as Marineland, where the animals remain in captivity and are forced to perform circus acts for their entire lives. Aquariums defend their actions as “rescuing” animals, but in reality, the captive industry is subsidizing hunts which may not have been conducted otherwise. Today and May 25th, Ocean Watch SA is hosting a protest at uShaka Sea World to advocate for the rehabilitation and release of captive animals. Read on to learn more about Ocean Watch SA and sign the petition below telling uSkaka Sea World to retire their wild caught dolphins, Gambit and Frodo, ensure animals not disturbed after hours, stop breeding captive breeding programs, and only practice rehabilitation and release. — Global Animal

Wild Caught Captive Dolphin

Ocean Watch Awareness Campaign on Marine mammals in CaptivityWe are a small group of concerned citizens who want to make a positive difference to the Oceans where we live. Our mission is twofold as we aim to expand knowledge about marine mammal protection – those in the Oceans and those that are in captive facilities such as Dolphinariums and Aquariums. We aim to create an increased awareness for the necessity of marine mammal conservation with emphasis on their health and the threat to their environment. 

Over 23% of all marine mammal species are under threat from factors such as over fishing, oil spills, vessel strikes, entanglements, pollution, global warming and degradation of the Oceans. While there are laws in place to protect our sea life, we aim to ensure that those that govern our Oceans are held accountable for decisions that are made and that at all times there is complete transparency with the public. 

Further in our quest to expand knowledge on marine mammal protection we aim to enlighten the public on the atrocities that are happening outside our borders such as Namibia with the Seal hunts and Japan with the dolphin killing drives. We may live in a world with borders but all our actions effect one another especially in the animal kingdom

Our Protest Today

Also focuses on South Africa and the continued use of marine mammals to attract visitors to entertainment facilities under the guise of education. In Durban Ocean Watch SA’s concern at uShakas escalating use of the mammals under their care for additional concerts, especially at night, the increasing musical and night time events at the facility, and the high handedness in refusing to discuss issues of concern when questioned.

To sum up –

  1. The fact that SAAMBR sanctions parties within the park and of greater concern, all night parties.
  2. The fact that the all night New Years’ Eve event was not an isolated incident and that music events are arranged regularly and on an increasing basis.
  3. The fact that the dolphins and seals are increasingly being used to raise funds for an organisation described in the press as “hemorrhaging Municipal funds” and are being expected to perform additional concerts after hours, as well as pose for photographs with members of the public.
  4. Despite the fact that uShaka receives annual funding from both the eThekwini Municipality and the Department of Agriculture and Environmental  Affairs, the facility although receiving tax payers money to operate, refuses to be accountable for activities where questionable.
  5. The fact that in 2011 uShaka had received bailouts to the tune of R450-million from the eThekwini Municipality.
  6. Judy Mann’s statement to the press saying, “uShaka SeaWorld, is a division of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research, which includes the Oceanographic Research Institute and the Education Centre.  We have a history of 60 years of exemplary and world-class animal care”,    when in fact they have specifically only exhibited dolphins for the past 36 years and, during that period, this “exemplary and world class care” includes incidents during which a dolphin broke her neck and another who broke his jaw; a calf born unexpectedly overnight when there were no staff on duty; and another being drowned by its mother. There have been many other episodes including the incident of a chemical mix-up that resulted in the hospitalisation of 7 people.
  7. The fact that Gambit, having been wild caught in 1976 has been used as a commodity for 36 years and is still being exploited and required to perform daily.
  8. The fact that Frodo, having been wild caught in 1979, is still be exploited after 33 years in captivity and required to perform daily.
  9. The fact that Sea World, despite holding 11 dolphins and 13 seals in captivity, are speaking of artificial insemination to force the animals to produce, but refuse to provide any information.



Ocean Watch SA has never questioned the dedication and hard work of individuals within SAAMBR and fully acknowledge the excellent work SAAMBR do in the field, in the wild, and with animals in their natural habitats.

More Information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ocean-Watch-SA/345129172273889


Sign the petition here!
Sign the petition here!


Tell uShaka you don’t need any further mammals in captivity to be educated or entertained

Tell uShaka that if after the 60 years they claim to have had the animals in their care they have not concluded their scientific experiments, then ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Our Demands

  1. Retire Gambit and Frodo.
  2. Desist from additional shows over peak periods.
  3. Desist from night shows.
  4. Stop functions with electronic music after 8pm.
  5. Ensure that marine mammals are not disturbed after hours and have clearly defined day and night times. 
  6. Stop photo opportunities and meet the dolphins, and seals,  programmes where public are allowed to touch and kiss the animals.
  7. Desist from any artificial insemination programmes.
  8. Desist from all captive breeding programmes.
  9. Stranded animals, not to be used to restock your pools.  Strictly rehabilitate and release.
  10. Be transparent and publicly truthful and publish full reports on the mammals in your care annually.