Sonia Horon, Global Animal

These cute props represent the sad reality of what goes on at fur farms. Photo Credit: YouTube
These cute props represent the sad reality of what goes on at fur farms. Photo Credit: YouTube

In an innovative new anti-fur video The Humane Society of the United States teams up with Woody Harrelson to cleverly persuade viewers of why they should choose faux instead of real fur. The video, narrated by Harrelson, is perfect for those who are squeamish or who can’t bear to watch animal suffering, as it uses a prop instead of real graphic footage. But even without the gory details the video conveys the cruelty and irrationality of the fur trade very clearly.

“It’s always difficult for people to deal with images of animal cruelty head-on; no one wants to look at what really goes into the making of fur. This video is so impactful because it lets you know without having to see. I really hope it makes fashion designers and consumers think twice about using and wearing animal fur, when so many great alternatives are available and just as stylish,” Woody, who was named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2012, told the HSUS. 

The fur industry is brutal, animals are shot, drowned, anally electrocuted to name just a few methods. In China they are skinned alive. But maybe worse is the fact that many animals are specifically raised for fur. A lifetime in a cage, followed by a violent death. If people knew the cruelty behind their fur coat they would no longer support it, so make sure to share and check out the video below.




  1. Woody, thank you so much for making this video. I am doing my part on FB, little me, wish I had more friends to share but I've made it public. Maybe people will use FB as a means to make this disgusting epidemic more real and visible. Much love to supporters & boycott China until they change their laws to make it illegal to hurt animals this way. Surely they can make faux fur. They make everything else. Time to stop feeding the monster with our dollars.