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On Friday, December 28, Arbor the dog raised over two hundred dollars for a local shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The talented canine is an avid painter and his masterpiece was auctioned to raise money for Noah’s Animal House and The Shade Tree Shelter. 

The shelter is a refuge for victims of domestic violence, their children, and beloved pets. Built in 2007, the facility is one of the first establishments of its kind to allow furry friends.

Arbor the dog raises money for the local shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: (DOG)SPIRED
Arbor the dog raises money for the local shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: (DOG)SPIRED

In many households where domestic violence occurs, the animals too become victims of cruel outbursts. According to Shade Tree Shelter and Noah’s Animal House,  “In a national survey, 85 percent of women seeking safety in a domestic violence shelter reported pet abuse in their home.”

 Since many women’s shelters do not allow pets, guardians are often forced to leave their companion behind where it is at risk of further abuse, torture or possible death. 

Thanks to Shade Tree Shelter and Noah’s Animal House’ compassionate founder Staci Columbo Alonso, these innocent animals do not have to be left to fend for themselves.  The organization offers 1,400 square feet of space for abuse victims as well as a full service kennel for their beloved companions. 

In its five years of service, Noah’s Animal House has sheltered over 600 pets for a total of 48,000 nights. The shelter is almost always at its full capacity and is thus in constant need of generous donations.

This organization is a beautiful center that allows two beings caught in unfortunate circumstances to stay together. Visit the shelter’s website to check out their wish list, donate or read the many stories of their canine occupants.




  1. It is truly great to read about a refuge which allows pets to remain with their loved ones. Apart from that, it is wonderful to see the photo of the dog painting for charity. I have not read about this before.

    A very interesting article.