Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

Eleven-year-old horse-lover Robin Warren, otherwise known as “Wild Mustang Robin,” has created a petition against government run horse round-ups in hopes of defending these wild horses from the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) cruel attempts to control the wild horse population. 

With their use of heavy-duty helicopters, the government has been corralling wild equestrians and burros into holding pens in an attempt to allegedly control the burgeoning wild horse population and reclaim the land for agriculture and cattle ranching.

In 1971, the Free Roaming Wild Horse And Burro Act was passed to protect horses and burros in their natural environment, but the BLM has since stolen 20 million acres from the animals. 

Wild horses and burros are victims to government ordered round-ups that prove harmful and often deadly for the animals. Photo credit: Bethan via flickr

Due to these government acts, there are now only 39,000 animals on rangeland that once supported over two million wild horses and burros hundreds of years ago. According to CNN’s account of a BLM statement, the government will leave 26 million acres for approximately 26,600 horses and burros—this means they must remove 12,000 of these animals.

The round-ups are not only stressful, but they can also be quite harmful for these creatures. In June of this year, three horses were found dead at the Palomino Valley Complex where they were contained after a BLM round-up. One mare was found dead as a result of a broken neck, while two foals died due to “poor body conditions.” The BLM, however, says the round-up cannot be blamed for the deaths since the horses were not found at the site itself. 

When holding facilities such as the Palomino Valley Complex become too overpopulated and cannot hold anymore horses or burros, the government sells the animals. Often times the animals are sold to affiliates of the horse slaughter industry. 

The largest buyer of BLM’s corralled horses is Tom Davis. In the past three years, Davis has bought 1,700 horses and burros under contract that he will not sell them for slaughter. However, he is a long-time advocate of horse meat and is attempting to gain support to create his own slaughter house

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According to Davis himself, he has evaded Colorado Law by transporting horses beyond state borders to undisclosed destinations. He also buys horses for slaughter from Indian reservations, where the same laws against butchery do not apply.

Davis has been reported as saying, “Hell, some of the finest meat you will ever eat is a fat yearling colt. What is wrong with taking all those BLM horses they got all fat and shiny and setting up a kill plant?” 

Founder of Nevada advocacy group Wild Horse Education, Laura Leigh appropriately postulates: “The BLM says it protects wild horses, but when they are selling to a guy like this you have to wonder.”

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