Dori Edwards, Global Animal

For 25 years, The Iberian Wolf Recovery Center has been a sanctuary for abused and illegally traded wolves. Grupo Lobo, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Iberian wolves, established the rehabilitation acreage after the “Don’t let our wolves become homeless” campaign earned funds for construction. However, Grupo Lobo does not have the finances to maintain the sanctuary and wolf-lovers worldwide are signing a petition pleading the Iberian government to help preserve the center. 

Abused wolves at the Iberian Wolf Rehabilitation Center need your help. Photo credit:

If the 42-acre land currently owned by the IWRC is not repurchased by the upcoming deadline, the sanctuary will be forced to relocate. However, there is no other site in Southern Europe that can maintain as many wolves as reside in the IWRC. These wolves, also, cannot be released into the wild. Each wolf is enduring a rehabilitation process after being abused or illegally traded, which entails years of captivity and injuries, and their conditions make them unfit for survival outside the center. 

The repurchase of the sanctuary is vital to the survival of these wolves and the entire species. In recent years, the population of Portugal’s wolves has been rapidly declining and the IWRC has been fundamental in the gradual repopulation of these beautiful canines. 

Grupo Lobo has also facilitated public involvement for compassionate persons at the center. They have welcomed over 100,000 visitors to learn about and appreciate the wolves. The IWRC offers a youth program where young persons can become involved in wildlife conservation. 

We urge you to take a moment and sign the petition to encourage Iberian Peninsula officials to help Grupo Lobo repurchase the land for the IRWC.

If Grupo Lobo does not receive much deserved help, their 25 years of effort will cease immediately and cruelly mistreated wolves will be once again taken for granted; haven’t they already suffered enough?

Sign the petition at the link below and encourage officials not to let the sanctuary’s land be sold.