Carmen Iben, Global Animal

With summer coming to an end and fall lines rolling in, we’ve been hearing a lot of news about fashion industries returning to promote their real fur products. But it’s not all bad news. Fashion designer John Bartlett in collaboration with Farm Sanctuary, North America’s largest and most successful farm animal rescue organization, has launched a new collection of clothing to support animals rather than hurt them. 

Photo Credit: Nick Ugliuzza/Farm Sanctuary

The lives of industrial farm animals up until that final moment are not a walk in the park either. Sows spend their lives in cramped metal gestation crates, chickens often live in filth in battery cages, and veal calves live in crates for the duration of their short life. On top of this, there is a mountain of evidence that shows the horrific animal abuse inflicted by factory farming employees. 

Through this new collaboration, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary Gene Bauston hopes to remind the public that, “science shows that cows, pigs, chickens and other farm animals are just as intelligent and emotional as the dogs and cats we share our lives with, yet on modern factory farms they are treated by the billions like unfeeling machinery and subjected to cruelty so shocking most people can’t bear to watch.” 

Farm Sanctuary will receive 10% of the proceeds to help fund the organization’s work to save abused farm animals.

To show your support for farm animals and help stop animal cruelty, visit to purchase a t-shirt.