(TAKE ACTION) The Skaist Taylor’s founders, who previously owned Juicy Couture, are officially no longer fur-free. The duo will be releasing a fall line that promotes real fur, and consumers are feeling the heat as they must decide whether or not to continue buying these products that now support animal abuse. While many people are under the false impression that animals are left unharmed when skinned for their fur, this is not the case at all. Animals bred on these fur farms are heavily abused and often left to die in excruciatingly painful ways, and Skaist Taylor is now in support of that. Read on for more details about real fur in fashion, and sign the petition to stop this line from hurting animals. — Global Animal 
Photo Credit: Change.org

Ecorazzi, Linda St.Cyr

Skaist Taylor’s founders, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, are no longer fur-free. The duo’s previous company, Juicy Couture, has been fur-free since 2008 and has a wide base of compassionate consumers. Those compassionate consumers are now feeling betrayed by the duo’s latest move to promote real fur and sell it in their upcoming fall line.

A selection of Skaist Taylor’s line is on the Neiman Marcus website and includes fur and shearling from countries all over the world. Some of the fur comes from China. Animals bred on fur farms in China are subject to rough handling, intense confinement, and bludgeoning before being skinned alive.

Sign the petition to help boycott Skaist Taylor’s new fur clothing line, and urge them to go cruelty-free!

The Skaist Taylor founders were originally fur-free but now they are showing no remorse for backing an industry that tortures animals for the sake of “fashion.” The atrocities committed against animals on fur farms are horrific. Investigators at various fur farms have found that animals are skinned alive, drowned, anally electrocuted, gassed, bludgeoned, and subject to other horrific ways to die all so someone who thinks its high-fashion can wear its pelt of skin.

There are many leaders in the fashion industry opposed to the senseless slaughter of animals. Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and many others have pledged a fur-free stance. The saddest part about the decision by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor is that they don’t seem to think it is a slap in the face to the compassionate consumers who they benefited from.

Change.org is asking for people to boycott Skaist Taylor until they change their tune again and pledge a fur-free stance in the fashion industry.

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