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A man walks his dog through the tornado ravaged Fan Road neighborhood of Pleasant Grove, Alabama. PHOTO CREDIT: EPA

May 6, 2011 – After our appeal to help animals affected by the Alabama and Southern Tornadoes, Global Animal readers worldwide once again showed their generosity. Global Animal Foundation sent $2,200 in donations today to “Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption” in Alabama.

“The money donated from Global Animal will be used for all types of animals affected by the tornadoes that hit Alabama on April 27,” said Allison Graves, founder of Have A Heart Rescue and Adoption.

The donations will be used to provide veterinary care for injured animals, boarding and food, as well as associated costs to reunite pets with their guardians in Alabama and the Deep South. One purchase high on the list is a microchip detector to check for microchips to help reunite lost pets. The animals helped include wildlife, farm animals, and domestic pets, including birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, pet rats, guinea pigs, snakes, and even lizards.  In short, the much-needed funds go toward everything from cat kibble to pet shampoo to chicken coops!

“Thank you so much for considering us for this donation,” said Graves, “We are truly honored.”

Have A Heart is also engaged in horse and farm animal aid with teams bringing feed to animals who’ve not eaten since the tornado struck.

“We will be going into the more rural areas handing out supplies and finding out people’s needs,” adds Graves.

Very scared Chloe the Dachshund finally reunited with her mom. (PHOTO: Phil Doster)

Amidst the destruction, there were also happy reunions created through the Animals Lost & Found From Tornadoes In Alabama’s Facebook page, which was started by a couple rescues in Alabama, including “Have a Heart.” Since the tornadoes, the page has received over 30,000 ‘likes’ and has been instrumental in pet/guardian reunions. Here’s one:

On April 29, Chloe, a beloved dachshund and pet of a Pleasant Grove, Alabama family was missing. A family friend posted a notice about the missing dachshund. That same night, Phil Doster, the Animal Control Officer who picked Chloe up in storm-devastated Pleasant Grove area posted her picture. Several local rescuers immediately made the connection. The family identified Chloe from the photos and went to the shelter (BJCACS) to reunite with her on Tuesday! It’s happy news indeed for little Chloe with the adorable ears (pictured left) and her relieved family.


Two loyal dogs return to a house that no longer exists after the tornado kills their guardians.

Other pups were not as fortunate. Hale County was very hard hit and is one of the areas where rescue groups like Have A Heart are concentrating.

Mr. Gerald Brown of Hale County, Alabama, loved nothing more than his dogs, who were his companions on nightly jogs. The tornado swept through, wiping away the Brown home, killing Mr. Brown and his wife, Cora. Four days later, Hale County Humane Society volunteers found the Brown’s dogs patiently waiting for their family to return at the desolated site of where their home once was.A

The two dogs now wait at the Hale County Animal Shelter for a new family and a chance to run through the woods once again. Have A Heart volunteers and others are working tirelessly to find foster home and new permanent homes for these and all displaced pets.

After the presidential visit, after the news crews have moved on, the hardworking rescues continue to help lost, scared and injured animals like these throughout Alabama.

Thank you again, Global Animals, for your compassion and generosity that helps make their work possible!


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Global Animal Foundation is continuing to collect donations on behalf of Alabama’s “Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption” and other vetted animal rescue organizations working on the ground to help with medical costs for injured animals, boarding  and food, as well as helping reunite pets with their families.