A man carries a dog on Warrior Road in Concord, Ala., after a tornado ripped through on Wednesday. (Birmingham News/Jeff Roberts)

ALABAMA (ANIMAL TORNADO RESCUE) – Tornadoes ripped through nine states, wreaking havoc on people and pets alike. In the article below, read about the disaster’s effects and find how to help pets and other animal tornado victims. Also find animal organizations in Alabama engaged in pet foster, adoption and reuniting rescued pets with their families.

Between Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and now the Southern state tornadoes, Mother Nature has been on a carnage bender the past couple of months. But as they say, it’s not what happens to us, but how we respond that’s important. Global Animal Foundation is collecting donations on behalf of vetted animal rescue groups in Alabama that are on the ground working to shelter, feed, rehabilitate and reunite pets with their guardians.

We hope that Global Animals the world over will consider responding to the animals in need in the US after this most recent disaster with the heartfelt support shown to Japan’s lost and injured animals. Below are links to several resources and ways to help.  – Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — After the deadly storms that ripped through Alabama and the rest of the deep south on Wednesday, both people and pets are trying to recover and get their bearings.

Tuscaloosa, Ala.: University of Alabama student Kristin Wolse carried a dog she rescued from a house. (PHOTO: Jay Reeves)

The barrage of storms battered the region, wreaking havoc and razing buildings down to the slab, killing at least 291 people across six states. Most of the deaths, 204, were in Alabama, with Tuscaloosa bearing the brunt.

Thousands more have been injured, and untold more have been left homeless, hauling their belongings in garbage bags or rooting through jumbled piles of wood  to find anything salvageable. Across nine state there are power outages and thousands of homeless people staying in Red Cross shelters.

Animals have suffered as much as the people. A Facebook page set up to reunite lost animals with their owners is up:

The site, titled Animals Lost & Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11, was set up by a group of Alabama pet rescuers. It’s acting as a central location for people who have lost or found animals or who want to volunteer to foster displaced animals. There was also information about veterinarians providing free services in storm-damaged areas. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has also been listing lost pets on its website and has tips for how to best search for a lost pet.

Trenton, Ga.: Andy Page cried as he sits with his cat outside his demolished apartment. (PHOTO: Angela Lewis)

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DONATE: Global Animal Foundation is collecting donations for the “Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption” and other rescues working on the ground to help with medical costs for injured animals, boarding and food, as well as helping reunite pets with their families.




  1. Found a tan, brown, speckled white hound wandering Hwy 27 outside of Lumpkin, GA.  Have her in Auburn, AL.   Female, friendly , dark brown markings on face like a boxer.  If your missing dog resembles this description, post a comment and I will make contact with you.