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Fact Over Finance: Australia Tightens Bluefin Fishing Laws

Nov. 29, 2010 AUSTRALIA– Bluefin tuna is Australia's most valuable fin fish, but that didn't stop the government from tightening fishing laws and listing the fish as "conservation dependent." The fish was badly hit by a 20-year hidden overcatch by Japanese fishers and current populations are 4.7 percent of their previous size.

Peaceful Dog Sits On Death Row For Looking Like A Pit Bull

UNITED KINGDOM - The wide spread fear of pit bulls claims another victim. The peaceful pet of a disabled child has been placed on death row because he was classified as a 'dangerous breed' because he slightly resembled a pit bull type dog. Not only has Lennox done nothing wrong, but he was seized by officials under questionable circumstances.

Fox Hunting Soon To Be Illegal In All Of The UK

UNITED KINGDOM - Much of the UK has banned fox hunting  and now Northern Ireland has tabled a bill to end the cruel practice as well. Could this be the end of fox hunting in the UK? Read about it here!

13 Nations Sign Declaration Meant To Double Tiger Population

Nov. 23, 2010– Read how this new accord stipulates that the 13 nations will strive to double the tiger population by 2022, crack down on poaching and illicit trade in tiger pelts and body parts.

Shelter Worker Fired For Euthanizing War Hero Dog

ARIZONA - There are some stories that just don't have a happy ending for anyone involved. What's left is the loss of this beautiful dog, her devastated guardians, and a fired employee who is now receiving threats. No winners here. – Global Animal

Japan Losing Whaling War With New Zealand

Nov. 15, 2010 NEW ZEALAND- In support of its citizens, who have little tolerance left for Japan's annual whale slaughter, the New Zealand government issued a stern warning to Japan that their whaling fleet will be closely watched.

WWF Calls For Better Protection For New Parks

AUSTRALIA - New parks are to be created as marine and wildlife sanctuaries in Western Australia, but the new protections proposed for this area in Kimberly will still allow oil drilling, mining, and commercial fishing. It seems these new protections don't protect against anything.

Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act Prop B Passes!

MISSOURI - Thanks to Missouri's compassionate voters and tireless animal advocates, this election went to the dogs! Read how the Prop B laws take a bite out of puppy breeders.

Sea Shepherd Gets 105-Foot, Multi-Hull Monster For This Season’s Whale Wars

(WHALE WARS) Check out these pictures and video of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's new 105-foot, high-speed, multi-hull Ocean Adventurer. The trimaran is named Gojira, which is Japanese for Godzilla. Should be exciting to watch this season of Whale Wars and this new boat in anti-whaling action!

Alaskan Wolves Killed by Airplane Hunters

Scientists ‘Discover’ That Killing Wolves Reduces Wolf Population

Surprise! Scientists announced that the hunting program in Idaho and Montana to kill gray wolves reduces their population. Kind of makes a cranky, but logical, animal lover want to learn how to reduce the humans-who-kill-wolves population and the politicians who promoted the deadly junk science.

Man Who Owned Lion Cubs Is Convicted Under (Toothless) B.C. Law

CANADA - A new restriction on the ownership of exotic animals is finally in play, resulting in a man being fined a mere $500 for keeping two lion cubs in his backyard.  This, after a grown tiger he owned in 2007 killed his girlfriend.  What's it going to take for this guy to learn his lesson? Perhaps a law with more teeth?

NC Lab Animals Rescued After Abuse Video Released, Loving Homes Needed

NORTH CAROLINA– A research lab that tests chemicals on animals shut its doors after a PETA video revealed disturbing footage of alleged cruelty to cats, dogs and rabbits. Now, officials are looking for new homes for the hundreds of rescued animals. Hint, hint...

Koala Takes Australian Parliament By Cute Storm

AUSTRALIA- A koala, a python, and a Tasmanian devil walk into...That's not the beginning of a silly joke. These threatened animals actually visited Canberra's Parliament House to put faces to names for Australia's National Threatened Species Day.

O’Barry Delivers Petition To Stop Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Despite Violent Threats

JAPAN- Some Japanese are resorting to violent threats against Ric O'Barry and others who challenge Taiji's dolphin slaughter. 'The Cove' director likens it to America's former slavery tradition, noting that unjust 'traditions' can and should end.