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Why Water Is So Important For Dogs

(PETS/DOGS) We all know about the importance of drinking water. Doctors and scientists can't emphasize the benefits of staying hydrated enough--explaining that proper hydration...

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Cauliflower Stuffed Poblano Peppers

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Spice up your Monday night with these vegan cauliflower stuffed poblano peppers. While poblano peppers are usually mild, they can be spicy this time of year, so pick your peppers with caution if you're sensitive to spice. But if you can’t find poblanos, you can use any type of bell pepper that you'd like. The stuffing consists of onion, bell pepper, cauliflower, rice, black beans, spinach, tomatillo salsa, and lots of delicious spices. Instead of topping these with cheese, opt for avocado, tomatillo salsa, and cashew cream, which works as a great sour cream substitute. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Loaded Vegan Nacho Plate

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) There are few things as delicious as a loaded nacho plate. These nachos use high quality Que Pasa brand tortilla chips--they’re organic, lightly-salted, and the perfect restaurant-style tortilla chips. This recipe is also bubbling with loads of vegan cheese, fresh veggie toppings, heaps of guacamole, and tangy salsa. These loaded nachos can serve two very hungry people as a meal, or a group of four as an appetizer. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Captivity Crazy: The Importance Of Natural Stimuli For Captive Animals

(ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY) Researchers often use animal experiments to try to solve human issues, but in this case, they are using human data to improve the lives of captive animals. While humans demonstrate a beneficial reaction to natural stimuli, it's become clear that animals in farms, laboratories, and zoos share the same preference for natural over constructed or artificial environments. For instance, farmed animals consistently choose to spend time outdoors when given the choice, even in bad weather. Some of the physical and mental health benefits of natural stimuli (i.e. proximity to water and green space) include less destructive behavior and lower feelings of stress. Read on to learn more about researchers' findings and how it applies to non-human animals. -- Global Animal

Tips To Make A Dog Parent’s Life Simpler

(DOGS/PET CARE) While there’s nothing quite as joyous as snuggling up with your dog, new pup parents might still find themselves a little overwhelmed at times. Between all the walking, feeding, vet visits, and training, it’s not always easy to organize your time with them, and they could need something that you aren’t even sure how to provide. But our pets are treasured family members and most people want to do a good job of caring for them, and that’s generally all you need to make the whole pet-parenting thing work. With some patience, a few helpful tips, and a whole lot of love, you’ll bond with your pup and make a lifelong friend. -- Global Animal

How Hurricane Maria Turned Puerto Rico Into “An Island Of Strays” – A Personal...

(STRAY ANIMALS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, a new, definitive study determined nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the wake of the storm--a drastically higher total than the previous official death toll of 64. Without electricity, internet, and even running water for several weeks, the country transformed into "an island of strays," as one resident describes. Puerto Rico's high number of stray dogs and cats was already an issue prior to the catastrophic storm, but given its long-term impacts, an estimated 300,000 people moved away, with many leaving their pets behind. Read on to learn how one man's personal account of living through a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Maria has given him new insight into the lives of stray animals--proving that all it takes is one person to save a life. -- Global Animal

In Memory Of Sirius, Police Dog Killed On 9/11

(SEPTEMBER 11TH/ANIMAL HEROES/POLICE DOGS) NEW YORK — Today is the anniversary of that fateful day of terror. Not all first responder victims were of the two-legged kind. Sirius, a Port Authority Police Department K-9, was killed when the Second Tower collapsed. Read on about the only police dog killed in the attacks that day, the grief-stricken partner he left behind, and how this working dog—or perhaps more accurately, canine American—is rightfully honored along with other fallen heroes. Rest in peace, Sirius. — Global Animal

Portraits Honor 9/11 Search & Rescue Dogs

(DOG PICTURES/ANIMAL HEROES) Amid the chaos of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, nearly 100 search and rescue dogs were deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help find survivors at the World Trade Center and Pentagon sites. See the poignant photos of these four-legged 9/11 heroes and their stories below. What heroic faces! — Global Animal

Why Scratching Is The Best Medicine

(COWS/FARM ANIMALS) Have you ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch? You tried your best to reach it, using the corner of a wall or a long kitchen utensil, but still couldn’t quite get it. But when you finally do, it’s like heaven. What do our animal friends have to do to scratch an itch? Luckily, there’s a mechanical brush made specifically for dairy cows that helps get that unreachable itch. Read on to find out how this humane invention keeps cows happy and clean. -- Global Animal

Understanding How Pets Grieve: Tips To Help Pets Cope With Loss

(PETS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Grief is a complicated emotion that everyone processes differently. Not only do humans experience loss, but our furry friends do, as well. When...

Smile! It’s Good For Goats

(GOATS/ABOUT ANIMALS) Did you know goats prefer happy people? When researchers in the UK borrowed goats from a local sanctuary to better understand how the animals interpret human cues, they learned that goats--similarly to dogs--prefer a smile to a frown. The profound study could affect how we interact with livestock and other species as it demonstrates how animals' ability to perceive human emotions could be widespread and not just limited to pets. Read on to learn more about the details of the study, and don't forget to smile! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) The end of summer is near, so let's make sure to have a Labor Day celebration filled with fun and yummy food. With back-to-school season and autumn leaves upon us, enjoy this last weekend for summer barbecues, cook-outs, and get-togethers. These vegan bacon-wrapped hot dogs are ideal for the holiday weekend. A tasty, healthier alternative to all-American franks, these meat-free dogs have all of the flavor and texture, but without all of the cholesterol. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Green Smoothie Popsicles

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Who doesn't love homemade popsicles on a warm summer day? These tropical green smoothie pops are the perfect treat--they are sweet, healthy, and packed with essential nutrients. Even kids love them! This recipe uses frozen raspberries, red currants, and nutrient-rich chia seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds. Add dried dates or figs for sweetness, and enjoy! -- Global Animal

Don’t Get Ticked Off: Protect Your Pet From Ticks

(PET CARE) Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning about a rise in diseases from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. In the last 13 years, diagnoses of tick-born diseases alone have more than doubled. Given this increase, prevention should be everyone's priority--especially during the spring, summer, and early-fall when ticks are most active. Read the tips below to help your pet stay tick-free all year long. — Global Animal