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Happy Days: Secrets Of Joyful Animals (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE) There’s nothing better than 25 pictures of animals at their best—happy faces, giddy leaps, and sweet, precious hearts. Here are some magnificently happy animals who’ve clearly figured something out worth sharing with the rest of us (when they’re done frolicking or whatever). Enjoy! — Global Animal

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<p>How can you tell if your dog is having a seizure? Photo Credit: Matthew Collingwood, Dreamstime</p>

Is Your Dog Having Seizures?

(PET CARE/DOGS) Many pet guardians misdiagnose a dangerous seizure as simple canine idiosyncrasy, like pacing or whining, because they don’t understand how seizures affect animals and how to spot them. When your dog can’t tell you he needs a visit to the doctor, you have to be the one who knows when things are wrong. […]

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<p>What type of music does your pet prefer? Photo Credit: Shutterstock</p>

Does Your Pet Like Your Music?

(PETS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) We hate to break it to you, but your cat might not like that Radiohead CD you always play. Scientists have been able to pinpoint what types of music different animals prefer, and surprisingly it has more to do with the size of the animal than their relative temperament. Read more to find […]

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<p>Keep your pooch full of happiness and cheer this winter. Photo Credit: Petagogy</p>

Winter Tips For Safe & Happy Pets

(PET CARE/CATS AND DOGS) You wouldn’t go outside in the cold without bundling up, so why would you expect your dog to? Those of you enduring a snowy winter have plenty of time to check this list twice. Does your pet live in a winter-ready house? — Global Animal

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<p>Even dogs like to rock. And SXSW can be dog-friendly if you plan ahead.</p>

SXSW Is For Dogs, Too

(PETS) As you read this, hundreds of thousands of people are flooding into Austin, TX for the largest music industry gathering in the world, South By Southwest. Austin is known as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States, but crowds can make taking your pooch with you a bit of a hassle. For the […]

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<p>Plyusha, the baby Siberian tiger, found a new friend. Photo Credit: AP</p>

A Tiger Cub, A Puppy, And A Cat (GALLERY)

CUTE ANIMALS (RUSSIA) — A lesson in acceptance is never a bad thing, but when it comes in the form of a bunch of baby animals playing together, it’s just that much better. Check out these photos of tiger cubs playing with puppies, cats and, yes, a human baby. Precious alert! — Global Animal

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<p>Photo Credit: Dan Winters</p>

Diseases We Share With Animals

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) LOS ANGELES — UCLA Cardiology professor, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, thinks that humans may have more in common with animals than we realize. We seem to contract the same diseases. This may seem like a basic idea, but some of these common diseases include psychological afflictions, like cutting, and even sexually transmitted diseases, like Chlamydia. The […]

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<p>Choreographer Luc Petton hand picked his ballet swans before they had hatched. Photo Credit: Laurent Philippe, Paris Match </p>

French Ballet Uses Live Swans

(ANIMAL NEWS) FRANCE — Bird ballet dancers? A French choreographer thinks it’s possible. Luc Petton’s ballet, Swan, opened June 6, 2012, and includes live swans in the performances. Each swan grew up living with the dancers in order for the humans to understand the true essence of the birds. Is this performance an opportunity for the […]

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horse racing

Big Purses Mean Dead Horses

(HORSE RACING) NEW YORK — The most disgusting thing about horse racing is that it has become more about greed than the horses. When the winning purses become more than twice the value of the race horse, trainers will do whatever it takes to make sure their horse can race. That includes doping them up, […]

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<p>Richard Amaro holds his kitty, Clementine. Photo Credit: Rick Bowmer.</p>

Prison Saves Shelter Cats From Euthanasia (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS) WASHINGTON — A prison in Yocult, Washington, is doing more to save unadoptable cats than most people can. Their new program, “Cuddly Catz,” brings shelter cats with behavioral problems into the prison and assigns them to two inmates. By way of the love and rehabilitation for these forgotten felines, the inmates learn how […]

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<p>There are fewer than 50 Javan Rhinos left in the wild. Photo Credit: Mary Plige</p>

UPDATE: Javan Rhinos Back On Track

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) INDONESIA — Do you know the Javan Rhino? There are good odds you don’t. In fact, the odds are stacked mercilessly against this endangered species, as their numbers dropped below thirty in the past ten years. The good news? Researchers say their numbers are finally increasing. — Global Animal

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<p>How many sick cows go unnoticed just because there is no proof disease can be passed into milk? Photo credit: </p>

Infected Dairy Cow “No Big Deal,” Says USDA

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — The USDA has confirmed that they have discovered a dairy cow infected with mad cow disease at a rendering plant for sick and diseased animals in California. They assert that there is “no cause for alarm” because no part of the animal entered the food supply, and that the plant processes […]

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<p>Dog owners feel their best friends should have access to beaches, too. Photo Credit: Jordy Silva, Dreamstime</p>

Off-Leash Beaches: Good Or Bad?

(LIFE WITH PETS) CALIFORNIA — As some Southern California beaches close their borders to dogs, lawmakers and lobby groups in Santa Cruz propose to make some of their beaches open to off-leash dogs for several hours of the day. While people agree pups deserve to enjoy a little natural beauty, many are asking what this […]

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<p>A large percentage of shelter dogs are pit bulls like this one pictured here. Photo Credit: Robert Durell</p>

UPDATE: California Keeps Shelter Law, For Now

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — Earlier this year, Gov. Jerry Brown wanted to repeal California’s current animal shelter law that requires shelters to wait six days before euthanizing animals. Luckily, as of yesterday, one committee has rejected his proposal. A step in the right direction, campaigning by animal advocates has helped preserve the law. Read more about Gov. […]

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