Tazi Phillips, Director of Communications

Tazi graduated from Boston University with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. A new addition to California, she was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is an avid world traveler and animal lover, and has been all over from Argentina to Zanzibar. She has also been fortunate enough to work with elephants in Thailand, dogs and cats in Bali, and kiwi birds in New Zealand. At home in Cambridge, when she is not snuggling with her goofy Vizsla, Colby, she volunteers with dogs at the MSPCA and has also worked at a dog boutique hotel in Boston.

In her spare time you can usually find Tazi snowboarding, reading, surrounding herself with music and film, or off on one of her adventures. She also likes to boast about her skills in Scrabble, although it usually ends in her own defeat. In the future Tazi hopes to become a travel writer, combining her knowledge of near and far off places with her background in anthropology. Her present goal is to help educate the world’s population about wild animals and the efforts needed to sustain their habitats, hence her presence at Global Animal.

Samantha Ellis, Writer, Editor, & Office Manager

Samantha graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in English: Writing and Rhetoric. Hailing from Salem, Oregon, she loves the sunny California weather, and never wants to see rain again. Her unrealistic life goal is to become a Polynesian fire dancer at a resort in Maui. She also enjoys things like reading anything she can get her hands on, buying more shoes than she has room for, and going to Disneyland whenever possible.

When she isn’t at work, out shopping, or practicing her hula skills, Samantha can often be found protecting her food from her sister’s cat Emma while watching Say Yes To The Dress or Big Bang Theory. Samantha eventually hopes to travel the world, edit books for a living, and live with a cat named Mr. Spock.

Molly-Marie Canales, Director of Communications

Molly-Marie is a journalist at the University of Southern California. Originally from San Jose, CA, she enjoys exploring lesser-known parts of big cities like San Francisco and LA. When she’s not finding hidden gems in the city, you can find her cooped up writing food and film reviews, blogging, reading articles, cooking and knitting—probably all at once.

Molly-Marie ultimately hopes to host a television show on a cooking or travel channel that encompasses all of her loves including writing, learning, and teaching. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Sadie and cats, Baby and Xena.

Sonia kissing dogSonia Horon, Senior Writer

Sonia attends California State University, Los Angeles, where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English. She originates from Poland where she picked up her love of animals at her grandparents’ farm.

She enjoys reading, black-and-white photography, hiking, watching foreign films, listening to music, learning how to cook, and goofing around with her spoiled to death puppy, Jake. From a young age Sonia realized animals are not our property, but instead, living beings whom we share this Earth with. Her lifelong dream is to open an animal sanctuary or doggy day care with a large outdoor play area, which are desperately lacking from many Los Angeles care facilities.

Stephanie Henkel with dogStephanie Henkel, Editorial Intern

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from California State University, Northridge. She loves and cares for her two adorable dogs, Kiley and Kody. This dynamic duo enjoys hiking, tennis balls, and belly rubs.

Spending most of her childhood in Florida, Stephanie developed a love for the ocean and marine wildlife. She enjoys snorkeling and has even swum with dolphins, sharks and stingrays. She hopes to visit Australia one day to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and to observe the island’s unique wildlife.

Madison Rootenberg, Editorial Intern

Madison graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Writing, Literature & Publishing. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, Madison has seen first hand the increasing numbers of homeless animals in the city, and from an early age her family has been committed to rescuing and placing dogs in homes. Recently turned vegan, Madison wants to travel and change the world.

When she is not reading or writing, you can usually find Madison with her two sisters, ages 14 and 18, who are also vegans. Together, they adventure and cook, bake and laugh, and even when physically apart, they do their best to always feel close by.

Elana Pisani with dog DanteElana Pisani, Editorial Intern

Elana earned her Bachelor’s degree in History at the University of Central Florida and then continued her education at Florida International University where she obtained a Master’s degree in Asian Studies. She has made her home in Los Angeles with her husband, Alberto. They are both owned by a loveable chihuahua named Dante.

After being vegetarian for eight years, Elana made the switch to veganism and created a website, Vegan Avenue (, to help others make the transition. Aside from veganism and animal rights, Elana is concerned with global gender issues and the environment. Her interests include screenwriting, comic books, science fiction, yoga, cooking and developing new recipes.

Lisa and pet dog MontyLisa Singer, Contributing Writer

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. Her work includes producing, writing and hosting for a variety of news and entertainment outlets; including WireImage Video, E! Entertainment Television, HSN and Court TV where she earned a Telly Award for excellence in television production.

An avid animal lover since she was a little girl, Lisa’s favorite times usually include her dog Monty. People always describe him as happy, well-behaved and extremely adaptable; something she proudly credits to her “lifestyle” training method. The two are a certified therapy team volunteering at hospitals, senior centers, and libraries where they help children read. Lisa is also involved with the SPCA, and since Monty’s diagnosis with Cushing’s Disease, she spends her time creating tasty, nutritious recipes that help curb his newly insatiable appetite.

Anthony Armentano and pet catAnthony Armentano, Editorial Intern

After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies, Anthony settled down in Los Angeles. When he’s not writing, Anthony spends his spare time playing guitar and listening to music. He hopes to one-day make a living doing what he loves: writing and making movies.

Anthony has been a proud companion to Sammy, a black and white American Shorthair, for almost 13 years. He believes that animals represent what’s left of Earth’s pure innocence, bringing joy to our lives on a daily basis. Through his writing, Anthony hopes to represent those who can’t necessarily defend themselves.

Elizabeth Neville, Contributing Writer

Elizabeth hails from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands and holds a degree in English with a Writing and Rhetoric emphasis from Pepperdine University. She is currently a first-year law student at the University of Colorado, and plans to pursue a career in wildlife policy. She has been an avid animal lover for her entire life; as a baby, her first word was “Dixie,” the name of her first cat. She now has no animal companions of her own, but frequently says hello to the many mountain creatures that greet her on hikes around Boulder, volunteers at her local Humane Society and serves as the vice president of the Colorado Law Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.
A vegetarian of 13 years, she loves to cook, eat, and obsess over herbivorous delights (read her blog Legally Blissful, which is about law school, theoretically, but actually talks more about food). Her life will be complete once her nomadic tendencies mellow out enough for her to adopt some cuddly pups of her very own, ideally two corgis and a bulldog named Merry, Pippin, and Gimli, respectively. Elizabeth also really loves manatees.

israel igualate and dogIsrael Igualate, Editorial Intern

Israel holds Bachelor Degrees in Political Science and Mass Communication and is currently working on a Master of Arts in National Security Studies from California State University, San Bernardino.  In his free time, Israel enjoys playing guitar, practicing black-and-white photography, traveling, and playing sports.

Israel is the proud friend of Frankie the turtle, his dogs Marty and River, and a random pigeon who shows up to be fed every morning. It is his best friend Spunky however, who opened his mind to the plight of animals and the need to protect them.

Candice Chandler, Editorial Intern

Candice is a student at Golden West Community College currently majoring in Journalism. She hopes to transfer to either Berkeley or Santa Cruz within the next year to further her studies and receive her degree. Always an avid ocean conservationist, Candice has an extensive background in anything dealing with the sea, from surfing to scuba diving.

A native of Southern California all her life, Candice has developed a keen interest in sharks which she facilitates with her own personal library at home. She has two great danes, Spencer and Harley, who act more like kids then dogs. An animal lover since birth, Candice hopes to educate the public on the importance of protecting the natural world. Aside from hanging around the ocean, Candice enjoys studying physics, horseback riding, diving, surfing, music, and relaxing with her pooches.

Anne Van Gorp, Editorial Intern

Anne is currently pursuing a double major in Anthropology and History at the University of Southern California. Raised in Marietta, Georgia, Anne returned to her west-coast roots and now happily calls Los Angeles home. She has been quite the adventurer and traveler from a young age, exploring the world around her hoping to capture its excitement and beauty. Anne actively participates in community service projects, from tutoring and teaching dance to underprivileged kids to volunteering with Atlanta Pet Rescue when she is home. She believes her love for animals and philanthropic heart led her to support and write for Global Animal.

In her free time, Anne enjoys reading, dance, eating, music, and going to the beach. She often fills her time exploring the city and finding new restaurants to enjoy. She misses her cat and dog back home dearly, but hopes to adopt a pet of her own in the near future.

Lauren Melella and dogLauren Melella, Editorial Intern

Lauren received her undergraduate degree from University of California, Irvine in Film and Media Studies. Born and raised in central California, she decided to permanently reside in southern California after college and she now calls Los Angeles her home away from home.

Her love of animals stems from an interest in all living beings and her duty to protect and be the voice of creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Her mischievous but fun-loving Australian Shepherd pup, Stryker, keeps her heart happy and never fails to make her laugh. In her spare time, she enjoys movie-going, creative writing, tea, walking her dog, searching for good music, and reading up on the latest box office hit.

Elisabeth Torres, Editorial Intern

Elisabeth graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in English/Literature and Psychology. She is currently pursuing her masters at UCLA in Film and Television writing. During her time in Miami, Elisabeth was on the swim team and marine mammal stranding team, and got to help with many water rescue and stranding situations.

She currently resides in Santa Monica with her son, six-month-old English bulldog, Ernie. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to the beach, running, and yoga.

Joey bio picJoseph Turner, Editorial Intern

Joey attends Emory University, where he plans on applying to the undergraduate business program. A Los Angeles native and sports enthusiast, he enjoys cheering for the Lakers, researching baseball statistics, and attending hockey games.

Also an avid reader, Joey devours some of the most prominent literary works in his ever-dwindling spare time. When not reading or shooting hoops, Joey, while home from school, can usually be found playing with his childhood dog, Maddie, in the backyard.

Carmen Iben, Editorial Intern

Carmen currently attends Loyola Marymount University, where she is majoring in English and double minoring in Journalism and Chinese. Originally from San Francisco, she moved to Los Angeles when she was eight and decided to stick around the area to pursue her passion for sports journalism. More recently, she has rediscovered her love for helping abused animals and the homeless find their way.

Carmen has two, rather elderly, blind pugs who will sadly be taken away from her when her parents move to Florida. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys taking road trips, watching NBA basketball, eating excessively, and playing the guitar and piano. Although she has been bucked off a horse three times, she still enjoys returning to her uncle’s ranch and taking the gentle giants for a ride.

Megan Cross, Editorial Intern

Megan Cross, a writer and vegan chef from Bakersfield, CA., has been writing about the world around her since her very first Princess Jasmine diary. As a chef she has prepared meals for celebrities, friends and fellow chefs and is now proud writer of Global Animal’s very own “Meatless Mondays.” Megan is also working on a cookbook and studies Photography at Santa Monica College.

While traveling through Europe, she was dared to stop eating animals. That was seven years ago and since then has been a devout animal-loving vegetarian. She hopes to combine her love of animals, cooking and writing to help others adopt meatless lifestyles. She now shares her life with her rambunctious Boston Terrier, Church. Church is a terrible soux-chef, but keeps the floors clean, and provides Megan with love and happiness.

Danielle & Pet Dog IndyDanielle Hanna, Editorial Intern

Dani earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge, and is fascinated by the ways media affects its audiences’ behaviors and perceptions of the world around us. She would like to integrate this concept into her writing at Global Animal and her future health care career. She is pursuing Master’s degrees in Physician’s Assistant Studies as well as Nutrition.

Dani has always been an animal lover, growing up with many different species in the family over the years – from fish, turtles, geckos, and a snake, to a guinea pig, dogs, and cats. When she isn’t writing or reading, Dani enjoys photography, learning new languages, going to the beach and other natural settings, and hiking with her Jack Russell terrier-chihuahua mix, Indy.

Whitney Bio picJ. Whitney Read, Contributing Writer

Whitney graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in African studies. Her future plans include working towards a masters in animals and public policy. In the meantime, she is pursuing her dream career of promoting better animal welfare through volunteerism, direct animal rescue, and advocacy.

Whitney has loved animals from a very young age and became a vegetarian at the age of ten. She loves to read historical non-fiction, travel to Europe and Africa, and research. In her free time, she cares for her two French bulldogs, D’Artagnan and Montague, nicknamed “the Snuffleupagus twins.”

jenna crowley with dog

Jenna Bree Crowley, Editorial Intern

Jenna Bree is a San Francisco-grown writer, dancer, and activist. She attends Santa Monica College as a journalism student and has a strong love for saving the environment.

Her accomplishments include helping produce eco-fashion shows, modeling for eco-friendly designers, supporting organizations like PETA and, and making adjustments in her daily life to adhere to the needs of the environment. Her favorite past times include performing with her troop Les Sirenes and surfing.

Adrianne Gallatin, Editorial Intern

Adrianne graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Art History and Architecture and later from St. Edward’s University in Texas with a degree in English Writing and Rhetoric. She relocated to California in early 2012 and is now working on her portfolio in journalism and screenwriting.

She has been an animal lover since age three when she was deemed the guardian of her first pet, Snowball the parakeet. Over the past two decades she has been inspired by Snowball to rescue and foster over twenty different birds, but she is also a definite crazy cat lady. Her two cats rescues, Cosmo and Max, have been her best friends for almost fifteen years.

Leanne Hall, Editorial Intern

Leanne is a Rhetoric and Composition English major at California State University, Long Beach. She is also a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as well as a freelance makeup artist. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Leanne looks forward to graduating and finding a new place to call home. With a love of learning, desire for change, passion for writing, and a knack for editing, Leanne hopes to incorporate all of these things as the editor of a magazine someday.

Animals have been an ever-present part of Leanne’s life. She was born into a family with a dog and an iguana, and later welcomed green anoles, hamsters, and neighborhood cats. She was introduced to a variety of animals at her elementary school and while camping over summer breaks at Bass Lake. She currently cares for her “baby” (12-year-old cat, Oreo) and beta fish, Turquatic.

Niles Jeran, Editorial Intern

Niles is a Creative Writing and Political Science major at Pepperdine University. When Niles isn’t in class or working, he is snapping photos, writing, or retreating to the beautiful mountains and ocean of Southern California. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Niles has grown up traveling.

From skiing all around the Western United States to backpacking through South America, it is plain Niles has a passion for adventure. One day, Niles hopes to be a travel journalist who is able to unearth the profound relationship between people and nature, and what better place to start than Global Animal.

Hannah Foster, Editorial Intern

Hannah attended college in both St. Louis, MO, and Northern California for sciences before a change of heart led her to an effort to incorporate creative arts into her education.  Possessing a passion for animals and the environment since her early years, she has worked as a veterinary assistant, raptor exhibitioner, and cat groomer.

At this stage in her life, Hannah’s learning a way to combine both art and nature into one. Her underlying mission is to teach others to embrace the advantageous relationship between people and nature. Her hobbies include painting and photography, traveling around the west and beyond, practicing yoga, and laughing at her own dirty sense of humor.

Danielle LeVee, Editorial Intern

Danielle received her degree in Psychology and Education at UC Santa Cruz. During her time at Santa Cruz, Danielle loved exploring the redwoods and watching the sunsets at the cliffs. A Los Angeles native, Danielle has decided to return home and pursue her passion with animals.

In her free time, Danielle enjoys playing tennis, hiking, doing yoga and reading. She loves to listen to and discover new music and go out dancing with her friends. She is sad that she no longer has an animal but is excited to one day fill her house with other living creatures.

Tyrone Hinderson, IT Intern

Ty studies Computer Science at Columbia University in Manhattan. Though he enjoys his time on the east coast, Ty spends his summers in beautiful Los Angeles. When he’s not busy making Global Animal’s web development dreams come true, he’s probably skateboarding around Culver City with his friends, crushing said friends in various video games or explaining to them how best to avoid the ambushes of his excitable cat Max.

Having made full use of his grandparents’ subscription to Animal Fact File in his early years, Ty has always held exceptional regard for the nonhuman beings at home and away. Over the past 19 years Ty has enjoyed the intermittent company of many pets: awesome dog, several cats, a lizard, countless fish, an overgrown cockroach, and a katydid with which he dazzled his preschool peers on “K-day.” He knows no greater feeling of fulfillment than that which accompanies a cat’s grateful purr, and doesn’t mind that his friends have dubbed him “Cat lady.”

Bianca Caraza, Contributing Writer

Bianca is a Media, Culture, and the Arts major at The King’s College in Manhattan. She is currently editor-in-chief of The Minstrel literary magazine. She is intrigued with writing everything from novels to research papers and participates annually in National Novel Writing Month.

Bianca’s goals in life are to write for a living, own a fabulous hat for every day of the year, be nominated for sainthood, become the world’s most prominent Oscar Wilde aficionado, and start a foundation to save the Oxford comma.

Kaitlin Flynn, Editorial Intern

Kaitlin, a Louisiana native, graduated from Pepperdine Univ. in April with a dual degree in journalism and Spanish. She enjoys simple days spent soaking up the California sunshine, painting, and of course, writing (check out her blog). Her adventurous spirit has led her to travel around the world, everywhere from Argentina to Greece!

In addition to her work at Global Animal, she is the Director of Events and Public Relations at the One for One Foundation. She is dedicated to speaking out for the voiceless, people and animals alike. She plans on returning to Argentina after graduation.

Elizabeth Rivera, Contributing Writer

Elizabeth is a freelance journalist, screenwriter and novelist. She enjoys traveling, visiting libraries and reading too many magazines. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with a grumpy yet adorable cat named Hobo who patiently watches TV with her and occasionally catches a mouse. Elizabeth’s great loves are reading, writing and television which have led to a house full of books and a perpetually full DVR.

Sadly this has not resulted in a very full brain. You can often find Elizabeth searching for her keys, which are usually in her pocket, purse, or in between that annoying crack in the couch, but never in the first place she looks. She is currently working on a screenplay and a half-dozen other writing projects. She has hopes of finding her keys soon.

Pro Bono Professionals

Nola Beard, Canadian Correspondent

Nola claims many passions in life including travel, writing, animals and culinary sampling (so much more refined than eating). She lives in Vancouver BC, Canada and while extraordinarily itchy feet send her exploring often her love of the city takes her back. A cat lover, Nola has attempted to redefine life with a cat: her rescue named Fussen is toilet trained (no litter box required!) and a road-trip veteran having visited five US states.

By day, Nola is a management consultant with a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management and a diploma in Human Resources Management. For twelve years her primary clients have been Canadian hospitals and she spent two years working with health care providers in Trinidad and Tobago. The balance of her professional time is spent assisting entrepreneurs with business strategy.

Patricia Jones, PR Director

Patricia Jones is founder and President of P Jones Communications Inc. a media relations consultancy specializing in the promotion of animal welfare organizations and pet product companies. Patricia is a former producer for NBC News and former Vice President of Media Relations and Advertising at the ASPCA. Patricia resides in New York City.