(PET CARE/CATS & DOGS) When thinking about things that may be dangerous for your pet, you may not always consider the types of foods that he/she eats–especially foods prepared for human consumption.

While most food that humans eat are also safe for dogs, some foods are dangerous and perhaps even deadly.

Photo Credit: PetFinder
Baked goods like cupcakes can pose a threat to dogs if consumed. Photo Credit: PetFinder

Avocado: Each part of the avocado plant could cause a dog to become sick, including causing breathing difficulties.

Caffeine: A dog who laps up a cup of coffee could suffer from bouts of vomiting and/or tremors.

Chocolate: The chemicals in chocolate can cause permanent damage to a dog’s nervous system or internal organs, which could even lead to death.

Grapes: Even just a few grapes or raisins could cause a dog to suffer from abdominal pain or dehydration in the short term. Dogs can eventually suffer long-term health problems, such as kidney damage, and even death if they happen to consume grapes. Remember that raisins are often found in desserts, and your dog may be tempted to eat some of this sweet treat, even though he/she might not show any desire to eat a grape or raisin by itself normally.

Milk: Some dogs will tolerate milk consumption, while other dogs suffer from lactose intolerance, which can lead to digestive issues or diarrhea.

Additional foods that are dangerous for your dog are listed in the accompanying infographic. Just to be safe, you’ll want to make sure to clean up any leftover food in your home after a meal or a party. Even if the food is left on a counter in your kitchen, it’s possible that your dog may find a way to access the leftover food, putting him/herself in danger. And because the dog doesn’t know the difference between dangerous versus safe food, it’s up to you to make sure your dog doesn’t harm him/herself.