8 Indestructible Dog Toys Worth Barking About

(PET CARE/DOGS) Let’s face it, dogs get bored. Thankfully there are plenty of options for dog toys on the market, but how can you choose a toy that will last for more than an afternoon?

The Humane Society recommends shopping for toys that are marked as indestructible. Keep in mind no dog toy is completely destruction proof. However, here are some of the best-made toys renowned for their super long-lasting qualities.

cute dog playing with indestructible dog toy
Check out these top indestructible dog toys that are great for aggressive chewers. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Kong Classic by Kong

Kong, the popular makers of dog toys are back at it once again with the Kong Classic. In a firefighter red hue, this dog toy is made completely from all natural rubber. The material is ideal for heavy chewers as it holds up steadily to regular use. It is shaped like a stack of three connected donuts each a bit wider than the next. Dogs love trying to keep up with this toy as it bounces erratically thanks to the funky shape. Available in six sizes, the Kong Classic can fit most any size dog. Best of all, Kong toys get a seal of approval and are recommended by the Humane Society.

peanut indestructible dog toys
Peanut by Ruff Dawg. Photo Credit: Amazon

Peanut by Ruff Dawg

Choppers, get ready! The Peanut chew toy is shaped like the iconic in-shell peanut and features a similar nutty hue to the real deal. Dogs who love to get their chew on can spend hours munching on this chew toy without having to worry about destroying it. The Peanut’s shape combined with its rubber material allows for the toy to bounce haphazardly, keeping your puppy fit and active as it chases the ‘nut. This toy comes in two sizes including Wee-Nut for smaller dogs and the regular Peanut for medium and larger breeds.

Can Toy by Soda Pup from True Dog

It turns out that dogs like soda pop, too. Featuring the Coca-Cola classic motif, this rubber can comes in a bright green color. Eco-friendly parents can feel safe sharing this toy with their furry pet as it is made using biodegradable and nontoxic rubber. Additionally, the interior is hollow and there is a hole on one end of the can where you can stuff doggy treats for a fun treat dispenser. The Can Toy comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, to make it easy to choose the right can size for your dog.

PlayBites Bear from JW Pet. Photo Credit: ladspetsupplies.com
PlayBites Bear from JW Pet. Photo Credit: ladspetsupplies.com

PlayBites Bear from JW Pet

Available in a variety of shapes including a bone, donut, caterpillar and bear, this chew toy is a made from all natural rubber. In addition to being safe to chew on, each of the designs features some type of treat-dispensing system. For the bear the treats are stored in a central chamber, while the caterpillar and bone feature several chambers for housing different types of treats. Make snacktime even more exciting with the thrills of PlayBites.

Kong Quest Starpod by Kong

Another winner from the Kong line, the Kong Quest Starpod is unique from the other toys as this is a low-profile toy. Designed to resemble a starfish with circular arms that have hollow centers, the exterior features rubber nibs to add to the oral stimulation. Perfect for a puppy in the chewing stage, this toy comes in a small, as well as large size for bigger breeds. As with most chew toys, this is also a treat-dispensing device that holds soft and hard dog treats.

Everlasting Treat Wheeler from Starmark

As one of the top virtually indestructible dog toys on the market, the Everlasting Treat Wheeler is shaped like a toy truck wheel. Save your human kids’ toys from getting chewed on by giving your dog this cool toy instead. The interior is perfect for dispensing treats, while the exterior is made from rubber free of latex, phthalates and vinyl for safe chewing.

Tuggo. Photo Credit: Amazon
Tuggo from Tuggo Dog Toys. Photo Credit: Amazon

Tuggo from Tuggo Dog Toys

The best way to play tug of war for any dog, Tuggo takes a classic game and puts a twist on it. The toy features a big red ball with an attached rope. Use the toy as is, or easily fill the ball with a weighted substance, such as water or sand, to add up to 20 pounds of resistance. Your dog will get quite the workout with the Tuggo chew toy.

Jolly Egg by Jolly Pets

This big red egg is the perfect addition to any collection of indestructible chew toys. Made using high-density polyethylene plastic, the Jolly Egg is capable of floating on water, as well, making for a great toy to take to the lake this summer. Choose from the small and large sizes to give your dog the right size toy for its choppers.

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