Olympic Snowboarder Rescues Dog From South Korean Meat Trade

Photo Credit: Fox 5 San Diego

(CELEBRITIES/DOG RESCUE) While competing in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro made it a point to visit a South Korean meat farm to rescue a dog slated for a dinner plate.

While the SuperPipe bronze medalist already has three rescue dogs in her home and cannot take in another, the playful Korean Jindo named Plum (or “Jadu” in Korean) will soon be available for adoption at the Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego County.

Jadu is just one of the thousands of dogs harvested for meat in South Korea and other Asian countries, and the Barking Lot Rescue has helped bring in over 200 dogs from the dog meat trade alone.

Thanks to Mastro’s compassion in action, not only is Jadu’s life saved, but she will soon have a loving forever home. Continue reading and view the video clips below for more on this heartwarming rescue story. — Global Animal

Jadu is a Korean Jindo who was rescued from the South Korean dog meat trade, thanks to U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro. Photo Credit: Fox 5 San Diego

Fox 5 San Diego,

EL CAJON, Calif. — While competing in South Korea, Olympian snowboarder Maddie Mastro rescued a dog from the meat trade and it’s now up for adoption at The Barking Lot Rescue in El Cajon.

“She’s got a remarkable, amazing disposition. Look at how friendly she is! She comes and seeks affection, very appeasing and wonderful with dogs too. This is a wonderful dog,” said Barking Lot Rescue founder, Stacy Parmer.

The playful Korean Jindo named Jadu was one of many dogs set to be slaughtered and eaten in South Korea until Mastro stepped in to help. While competing In Pyeongchang, she made it a point to go to the Korean meat farm to rescue a dog marked for a dinner plate.

“In total, we’ve brought in over 200 dogs from the dog meat trade,” said Parmer.

The rescue works continually with Save Korean Dogs to help end the abusive and barbaric dog meat trade.

“We’re so grateful because without the flight volunteers we can’t get them here,” Parmer said.

Harvesting dogs for meat is common in South Korea and in other Asian countries. So, Mastro and a bunch of Olympians made it a point to save as many as they could before heading home.

“Having somebody like her that has many followers and people who look to her it’s very helpful because it can shine a light on that and have a bigger impact in the end,” said Parmer.

And thanks to the passion of Mastro and others at the rescue, Jadu will eventually be able to find a forever home.

“It’s going to be pretty easy because she’s so outgoing and wonderful. She doesn’t have a lot of behavioral issues that we have to screen for. She’s going to make someone very happy and she will be very happy as well,” said Parmer.

Anyone who would like to adopt Jadu or any of the rescued dogs can check out the rescue’s website for more information.

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