(ANIMAL PICTURES) Animals often amuse us with their unintentionally funny antics. From chasing after their own tail to eating snow, animal conduct is nowhere near as controlled or calculated as ours. But it’s the moments when they tend to behave like us that yield the most amusing results.

Check out this adorable gallery of animals mimicking humans. — Global Animal

What do you mean I can’t sit at the table? Photo credit: now.msn.com


You were saying? Photo credit: now.msn.com


Frog is a hopeless romantic. Photo credit: now.msn.com


Dog makes sure little girl stays hydrated. Someone’s gotta do the parenting after all. Photo credit: now.msn.com


Devout dog. Photo credit: now.msn.com


Bear cub decides the ground will no longer do for sitting. Photo credit: now.msn.com


Monkey finally understands human obsession with soda… Photo credit: photos.msn.com


…and ice cream. Photo credit: photos.msn.com


Parrot masters biking. Photo credit: photos.msn.com


I heard I was on the internet. Photo credit: photos.msn.com


Husky discovers joys of reading. Photo credit: www.buzzfeed.com