(BIRDS/CONSERVATION) Millions of birds die every year because of accidental collisions with glass doors and windows. Thankfully there are many ways of safeguarding birds from such tragedy, i.e. window alerts. Many have also found interest in a new product called the My Spy Birdhouse. Continue reading for more on this innovative birdhouse and other tips on how to make your windows bird proof.  — Global Animal

The Bangalese Finch, known in America as the Society Finch, is able to recognize grammatical patterns in song. Photo Credit: Roy Beckham
The Bangalese Finch, known in America as the Society Finch, is able to recognize grammatical patterns in song. Photo Credit: Roy Beckham

How to Make Your Windows Bird Proof

By Dana Smith

Birds crashing into walls and windows is a common sight; however, not a welcome one. No one likes to see freely flying birds crash into a huge window and fall to the floor. Since birds are delicate, they need proper protection from clear glass windows and doors.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s actually very important to safeguard birds from windows.

If you go by the statistics, you will realize how aggrieving the situation is. More than 100 million birds die every year because of collisions with windows. Can you believe that? Therefore, it’s our responsibility to prevent more of these incidents from occurring.

Reflection is one of the major reasons why birds collide into windows and gates. Since windows often reflect the sky, the birds are attracted to them. Bird proofing windows is just one way of reducing such incidents. You can use window alerts like decals, which when applied to the window glass, reflect the ultraviolet component of the sunlight. This helps the birds realize the glass of the window is just a reflection.

Aside from this, there are also hawk simulations. Once placed on the doors and windows of your home or office, they can significantly lower the number of bird collisions.

One very simple way of reducing bird collisions is by avoiding placing birdhouses near or on top of clear glass windows. Because birds are often in a hurry while returning to their nests in the evening, the risk of birds colliding into glass windows is high. Placing a birdhouse at a location that is away from your residence is one of the best ways to prevent birds from colliding with windows.

Window alerts work because birds and animals have far better eyesight than human beings. They can see the UV rays and distinguish between different light frequencies. But in case you do not wish to install a hawk simulator or window alert, some simple rules like observing bird behavior, can help minimize the trend of bird collisions.

MySpy BirdhouseLast but not the least, while purchasing a birdhouse, be extra careful about the type of house you purchase. My Spy Birdhouse is a fantastic option for many different bird species, however there are certain kinds of birds that do not stay in closed birdhouses. Take a finch, for example, who prefers houses that are open from three sides.

Given this, it’s important to read as much as you can about bird collisions in order to add to the safety and well-being of these delicate creatures.

About My Spy BirdHouse

As the name suggests, My Spy Birdhouse is an intelligently manufactured bird house that allows you to spy or keep a watch on the tiny birds through a two way mirror. Some special features of this product include a ‘Do Not Disturb’ curtain that can be placed over the window and a 30-day money back guarantee. To read more about this product offering by MySpy birdhouse, visit www.myspybirdhouse.com.