(RESCUE DOGS/PIT BULLS) It’s been several years since Michael Vick’s former dogs were rescued from the terrible world of dog fighting. Now, we have an update from a handful of these pups and how their lives have changed significantly for the better. Not only are these dogs in happy, forever homes, but they have adjusted perfectly to normal lives. A big thank you to Best Friends Friends Animal Sanctuary for giving these pits  the lives they deserve. — Global Animal

Halle currently lives, happily, with two dog brothers who she plays with all the time. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Georgia quickly adapted to a healthy, loving lifestyle after being adopted by Amy. Sadly, Georgia passed away in 2013, but taught Amy important lessons on forgiveness and love. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Cherry is a sponsor dog who goes to events around the world to get the word out about the horrids of dog fighting. Photo Credit: Best Friends
At first Handsome Dan was skittish and scared, but has become the perfect dog since, especially with his new human baby sister. Dan also has a dog rescue named after him, and his own Facebook page! Photo Credit: Best Friends
Little Red was used as a "Bait" dog while with Michael Vick, but after being adopted by a loving, deserving home Little Red is happy running around her 6 acres of land. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Mel was adopted by a radio host who reported on the Michael Vick dog fighting story. He is not living happy with his dad Richard Hunter. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Oliver's new parents were surprised at how willing Oliver was to let the new family love him. Oliver died in his adopted mother's arm back in 2009. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Oscar's new mom stays in close contact with the others who adopted the Michael Vick dogs, swapping stories, advice, and support to spread the word that unconditional love, forgiveness, and a bit of understanding goes a long, long way. Photo Credit: Best Friends
Squeaker now lives with her new family and their 6 other pups. People are always so surprised at how sweet Squeaker is. Photo Credit: Best Friends