(MOVIE REVIEW/FARM) A powerful new film, Turlock: The Documentary covers the large-scale rescue of chickens at a factory farm in Turlock, California.

When the factory farm shut down, 50,000 chickens were left without food or water.

After being starved and neglected for over two weeks, the chickens were rescued by Animal Place, a nearby farm sanctuary.

Turlock: The Documentary chronicles the rescue of 4500 birds from starvation at a factory farm. Photo Credit: turlockrescue.org (MOVIES/FARM ANIMALS)
Volunteers from Animal Place worked 15-hour days to rescue as many chickens as possible. Photo Credit: turlockrescue.org (MOVIE REVIEW/CHICKENS)

The film details the efforts of the workers and volunteers of Animal Place in their attempt to save as many lives as they could from the farm. Thanks to their hard work, they were able to save 4,500 birds.

But unfortunately, the other 45,000 animals died.

The film chronicles the resistance Animal Place received from local authorities, including Animal Control, who reacted to the chickens’ plight by gassing them.

Animal Control insisted on destroying the animals rather than allow Animal Place volunteers to rescue them.

“They’re murdering live beings who have just been through hell, and they’re saying ‘no, you can’t do anything about it?’ That’s not an option for a compassionate person,” said David Phinney of Animal Place.

An important takeaway of the film is that the starvation of birds is not atypical of the farm industry. It is general practice to withhold food from chickens to promote egg production and it is legal to starve the birds for up to ten days.

Just $20 helps feed more than 100 chickens who are permanent residents at Animal Place. Click here to donate to Animal Place sanctuary and help continue their 25-year tradition of putting compassion into action.

Visit turlockrescue.org and sign up to host a screening of this important film in your community, or find a screening near you.

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