(ANIMAL CRUELTY/WILDLIFE) Hunting for sport is possibly one of the most vile and pointless customs affecting the animal kingdom. There’s a special kind of gross factor involved when a privileged person ends the life of a majestic creature simply for a Kodak moment. The meaninglessness of the animal’s death is the saddest part, since hunting wildlife brings no gain to anyone, besides the ego of the hunter.

Last year, Donald Trump’s sons sparked outrage when they proudly posed with their wild kills, and conjured up absurd justifications for their despicable hobby. Now, another hunter is making headlines with her well-documented big game kills. Melissa Bachman is a TV presenter who prides herself on her numerous kills which she posts on her website under the section name “Trophy Room.” Her pictures include a dead lion, bear, zebra, and a multitude of other dead wild animals.

Thankfully people are not thrilled about Bachman’s actions and have started a petition to get her TV show off the air. Read on to learn more about Bachman’s career of slaughtering wildlife and sign the petition. — Global Animal

Photo credit: Daily Mail
Melissa Bachman poses with her kill. Photo credit: Facebook

Alex Greig, Daily Mail

TV presenter Melissa Bachman raised ire when she posted a photo of a mature male lion she allegedly shot and killed on Twitter and Facebook.

Within hours of the post, an online petition by Cape Town resident Elan Burman asking the South African government to ban Bachman from ever returning to the country was launched. 

Sport Hunting
The hunter and her prey. Photo credit: Facebook

The picture depicts Bachman crouching over the carcass of a male lion with its eyes closed, paws either side of its head, as she holds her gun and smiles toothily.

‘An incredible say hunting in South Africa!’ she tweeted. ‘Stalked inside 60 yards on the this beautiful male lion… what a hunt!’

Sport Hunting
Bachman poses with a crocodile hung from a tree branch.

The post provoked a furious response from many Twitter users, who called her ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile.’

At the time of writing, Burman’s petition had 5,435 signatures.

‘She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation this country prides itself on,’ wrote Burman.

Signatory Richard Robinson wrote, ‘You didn’t kill a lion, you stood behind a machine and pulled a little trigger, you pathetic, sad excuse of a human.’

The African lion is considered a vulnerable species. Numbers are rapidly declining due to loss of habitat and conflict with humans.

However, hunting lions is legal in several countries, including South Africa where Bachman bagged her big male.

Bachman’s social media pages and website reveal an array of huge beasts that have died after coming in contact with her. The ‘Trophy Room’ section of her website features a grinning Bachman with dead deer, antelope, alligators, turkeys and hogs.

This latest furor is not the first time Bachman has run afoul of anti-hunting groups.

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Click here to stop Mellisa Bachman from destroying South African wildlife by signing a petition to take her TV series off air.

Last year, she was slated to appear on the National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survivor Alaska but was dropped after a Change.org petition that called Bachman a ‘contracted trophy killer’ was signed more than 13,000 times in less than 24 hours.

Minnesota-based Bachman, whose blog includes posts such as ‘Why every girl should try bowhunting’ and ‘Stupid hunting regulations I just can’t stand,’ is the host of a television series called Winchester Deadly Passion.

In each episode, she travels to a locale and hunts its native animals with a variety of weapons including her beloved bow and arrow.

Lourens Mostert, a manager at the Maroi conservancy where Bachman shot the lion said the hunt was legal.

‘If it isn’t right to hunt these lions, why does out government legally give us permission?’ he told the Daily Telegraph.

‘This is not the only lion that has been hunted in South Africa this year.’

Zebra Hunting
Another one of Bachman’s animal “trophies.” Photo credit: Facebook

More Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2508209/Self-styled-hardcore-huntress-sparks-outrage




  1. There is not a single scar on this lion, which makes me think that it’s not a wiled lion. My guess is it was a “canned” lion. Born and raised in captivity for the sole purpose of being shot by some rich coward.