Wednesday’s Well-Intentioned Eater

One inquisitive omnivore’s journey towards healthier and more compassionate eating…

Singer Farmers Market

Lisa Singer, exclusive to Global Animal

I have to start off by saying I’m a meat eater.

To be honest, I never thought much about it. I grew up with an Irish mom who was a meat and potatoes kind of cook. We had a very predictable menu—usually beef and rice, spaghetti, pork chops, or some sort of roast. The other nights were probably burgers, pizza, or maybe even Kentucky Fried Chicken. As a result, I’m a meat and potato, not spicy kind of eater (though I am getting better.)

I also have to admit I’m not a big fan of vegetables either. Its not that I hate them—I just never crave them, and I’m definitely a pleasure eater. I really want to enjoy my meals, otherwise what’s the point? Though lately I’ve realized THE POINT is to be healthier and possibly more compassionate.

I remember my first day at Global Animal pitching story ideas while at the same time feeling like a fraud. How could I be talking about animal conservation when just two nights ago I ate pepperoni pizza AND really enjoyed it? At first I was tempted to fake it and pretend I was a vegetarian, but then I figured I’d just come clean. To my very happy surprise they didn’t come at me with torches and pitchforks or brand me with the scarlet letter “M.” In fact, it turns out a few of them are just like me—people who love animals and feel passionate about helping to improve their lives, but also happen to eat meat.

My bosses Arthur and Leah predict it’s only a matter of time before I’m a full-fledged vegan. Well, I don’t know about that. After all, I do love my cheese and lots of cream in my coffee. I don’t even know if I’ll become a vegetarian. But I do know I will be as compassionate and as healthy an eater as I can be!

If you have suggestions for recipes or meat substitute products, become a part of my journey and send them in!

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