(ANIMAL TESTING) After a few grueling months of campaigning against Philippine Airlines, PETA’s hard work has finally paid off! The airline has become just the most recent to announce they will no longer ship primates to laboratories for experimentation. We can only hope the remaining major airlines will follow suit and stop shipping primates as well. Continue reading below to find out which airlines PETA plans to target next, and what this means for primates. — Global Animal
Philippine Airlines has become to most recent airline to stop their shipping of primates destined for laboratories. Photo Credit: Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines has become the most recent airline to stop shipping primates destined for laboratories. Photo Credit: Philippine Airlines

The PETA Files, Michelle Kretzer

Over the past few months, PETA, its international affiliates, and compassionate people have been campaigning against Philippine Airlines. It worked.

Today, the airline announced that it will no longer transport primates to laboratories to be used in cruel and deadly experiments. In a statement posted on its Facebook page, Philippine Airlines talked extensively about the campaigns and the role that they played in its decision, in particular a protest that PETA Asia-Pacific held at a ticketing office in Manila.

This victory is likely to seriously impact the primate experimentation industry because Philippine Airlines is believed to be the only carrier that ships monkeys from Indonesia, which is home to a large primate-breeding facility. Every year, hundreds of monkeys are exported from there to other facilities around the world, including the University of Washington, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories. With their usual air transportation route now shut down, experimenters will have a much tougher time getting primate “subjects” off the island and into laboratories for their cruel tests.

Thank you to everyone who flooded Philippine Airlines’ passenger and cargo offices with phone calls and e-mails and who helped by protesting at its offices around the world. Because of your efforts, only two major airlines—China Southern Airlines and Air France—still ship primates to laboratories, and we’ve got them in our sights. Please help us fill their inboxes with e-mails demanding that they stop profiting from cruelty, and let’s end this travesty for good.

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