(CELEBRITY PETS)  Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has recently taken on a new role as the parent to an adorable rescue puppy, Boston, who he named in honor of the beloved city. During a recent visit to the Boston Medical Center to show his support for those affected by the recent tragedy, the actor welcomed Boston into his family after meeting with some of North Shore Animal League America‘s Mutt-i-grees, who are there to help heal the emotional wounds of the victims. Read on for more on the newest addition to his family as well as his special connection to the city of Boston. — Global Animal
Kevin Spacey cuddling with his new puppy, Boston. Photo credit: Twitter
Kevin Spacey cuddles with his new puppy, Boston. Photo credit: Twitter

Ecorazzi, Ashlee Piper

Kevin Spacey has played some of the most diabolical and sinister characters in film, but the Hollywood star showed his softer side when he shared photos of his newly adopted pup on Twitter this Saturday.

Spacey, who reportedly adopted the pooch at the North Shore Animal League America in New York, tweeted “New member of the family. Her name is Boston in honor of the city.”

The actor has special ties to Boston. He has visited victims, medical personnel, and police who were involved in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, telling the Boston Herald, “I’m not a doctor or first responder, but if people know me from movies, and walking into their work space or room brings a smile to their face – with the challenges these amazing citizens have in front of them – then that’s worth coming.”

He added, “The cops, nurses, doctors, hospital staff, and patients that I have met over the past few days have given me the greatest feeling of pride in being an American and made me understand that we are all Boston.”

Spacey’s commitment to the city’s healing is impressive, as is his decision to adopt. We can’t get enough of little Boston’s pictures – especially the one of her taking a chomp out of the actor’s nose.

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