Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Everyday Pet Dangers

(PET CARE) By being lax on preventative care or unknowingly exposing your pet to toxins, you could be shortening their lifespan without even knowing it. But this can be easily prevented, and being informed is the first step. In the article below, learn more about preventative measures such as pet vaccination, providing your pet with a balanced diet, potential pet allergies, as well as tending to your pet’s emotional health. — Global Animal


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It’s not easy being green, but more and more people around the world are making the effort to embrace a healthy and natural lifestyle. Families are swapping out toxic cleaning chemicals for eco-friendly, green cleaning products and electing to shop at farmers’ markets or grow their own organic produce rather than eat prepackaged food that’s loaded with preservatives. But even as we become more mindful about making sure that we protect ourselves, our children, and our partners from harmful chemicals in our food and household products, we may be overlooking some important members of our family: our pets. Even if you love your pet as much as you would love a child, by exposing it to toxins and being lax on preventative care, you may drastically shortening its lifespan. But with just a few simple changes, you can make sure that you’re not cutting your pet’s life short.

The sad truth is, sometimes our furry friends slide down our priority lists. In times of economic hardship, we’re not always responsible about taking our pets in for regular pet visits which can cause treatable diseases to go on the rise. In fact, a recent study released by Banfield Pet Hospital indicated that the occurrence of chronic diseases in household pets has climbed sharply since 2007. And vet costs aren’t the only place where pet owners cut corners. Even if you’re not an extreme couponer or a relentless bargain-hunter, odds are that since you’ve become a pet owner you’ve picked up an inexpensive brand of pet food based not on the ingredient list but on the price at least once.

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But what you may not realize is that streamlining your budget when it comes to things like food and preventative care for your pets is a false economy. Sure you may save some money in the immediate future by skipping vet visits, but in the long-term your stinginess could have some seriously expensive ill effects on the health of your pets. By prioritizing health care and selecting food and other pet care items based on the quality of their components and not on their bargain-basement prices you’ll actually save a bundle in the long run by preventing diseases and the ensuing costly treatments that accompany them.

But this isn’t just about getting a strong return on your investment: it’s about providing for a member of your family who depends on you to do the right things to ensure that they live a long, healthy, and happy life. Here are some of the areas where you can make some easy changes that will help your furry friends live life to the fullest.