Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

Lo and behold, the annual White House holiday card! Released by Team Obama last week, the 2012 season’s greeting features a painting of America’s favorite Portugeuse water dog Bo Obama, wearing a white scarf and prancing around a snowy White House lawn.

The painting, designed by Larass Kabel, is an homage to a 2010 snapshot of Bo playing in the snow during a February blizzard—personally selected by Michelle Obama. If you haven’t already received one in the mail, take a look for yourself:

Last year’s holiday card, which also prominently featured Bo, was publicly criticized by Sarah Palin for having too much dog, and not enough “family.”  The Obama family has proven once again: Our dogs are part of our families.

Also, check out this year’s White House video and join Bo as he casts approval on all of the spectacular White House Christmas decorations before an estimated 90,000 visitors pay a visit this holiday season.

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