Dolphin Mistakes Child’s Hand For Treats (VIDEO)

A CNN video shows the dolphin biting the girl's arm.

(SEA WORLD) ORLANDO — Feeding bottlenose dolphins at a SeaWorld attraction turned frightening for an eight-year-old girl on Sunday after a dolphin actually lunged at her to grab a treat and accidentally bit her hand. The girl’s family faults SeaWorld for insufficient warnings and claims that the park’s representatives “trivialized the attack,” while others blame the park for lax supervision, suggesting that SeaWorld provide better protocols such as age restrictions for the “Dolphin Encounter” program. A SeaWorld spokeswoman defended the attraction, claiming the girl didn’t follow “specific instructions” to prevent such incidents. However, this is not the first time a child has been bitten at the “Dolphin Encounter” attraction. In fact, similar events occurred twice in 2006. Although dolphins are arguably the friendliest species in the animal kingdom, accidents can and do happen. The truth is: wild animals do not belong in tanks and, honestly, should only be feeding themselves. The girl’s mother was filming the family’s initially fun-filled afternoon and caught the event on tape. Watch the video below and read on for more about the issues surrounding the unfortunate accident. — Global Animal
A YouTube video shows a SeaWorld dolphin lunging and biting a girl’s hand for a few seconds. Watch the video below.

CNN, John Couwels

SeaWorld defended itself Sunday from criticism from a family after a dolphin bit their 8-year-old daughter at the Orlando attraction.

A video posted online shows the girl standing along the edge of a pool, one of several people feeding dolphins. After she picks up a paper plate that once held the marine mammal’s food, a dolphin lunges at her and bites her hand.

The dolphin let go after a few seconds, but not before leaving three puncture wounds on the girl’s hand.

In a statement, SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides said on-site “educators and animal care staff … immediately connected with the family. In addition, a member of our health services team was in the area at Dolphin Cove and quickly responded and treated the young girl.”

Yet in an interview with CNN Atlanta affiliate WSB, the family at the center of the November 21 incident faulted the central Florida attraction’s staff for not warning them the dolphins might bite and for their response after the girl was injured.

“We felt powerless,” the girl’s father, Jamie Thomas, said in explaining their decision to post a video on YouTube. “We thought, look, we’ve got this video, let’s make it public, and let’s try to put some pressure on SeaWorld to make some changes.”

The 8-year-old, Jillian Thomas, said she “accidentally held” up the paper plate, after which the dolphin “jumped up and ate the carton and bit my hand.”

“I was thinking it was going to haul me into the water,” she said. “And this is a little crazy, but I thought it was … going to eat my hand off.”

Jamie Thomas said those feeding the dolphins were told the paper plate should stay on the wall, “but we really didn’t know why.” No one signed a disclaimer, and there were no signs indicating any risk, the father said.

The girl’s mother, Amy Thomas, said she was upset about SeaWorld staffers’ response.

“They did not tell us to look out for any signs of infection,” the mother said. “We had to ask for Band-Aids.”

The Thomas family never contacted SeaWorld after leaving the park, Bides said.

She defended the attraction and its protocol, including “specific instructions to not pick up the paper trays at any time.”

“Our guests are given clear instructions on how to feed the dolphins in an appropriate and safe way,” Bides said. “… Unfortunately, there are times when instructions are not followed.”

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Watch the video below.



  1. Also, this is a prime example of how completely false and ridiculous SeaWorld's claims that their marine mammal prison/circus serves as education and that their guests learn important facts about its prisoners. Clearly, if they don't even learn that dolphins are strong, WILD animals with SHARP teeth and powerful jaws, whose silly tricks are not natural behavior, then it's fairly safe to assume they haven't learned much from their visit at SeaWorld's animal detention center!

  2. Gotta love the parenting skills: they "faulted the Central Florida attraction's staff for not warning them the dolphins might bite" and apparently 'instructions not to pick up the plate at any time' wasn't good enough of a warning because they didn't spell out why and the parents obviously can't put 2 and 2 together on their own – or follow instructions if they don't know why. I mean, really. With this sort of clueless mentality, I don't even want to think about all the accidents they'll blame on others !