Happy Birthday, Bo Obama!

Happy fourth birthday to White House dog Bo Obama! Photo Credit: dcist.com

Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

Regardless of whether or not you agree with President Barack Obama’s stance on animal issues, there is at least one thing we can all acknowledge: the White House family dog, Bo Obama, is unimpeachable!

Happy fourth birthday to White House dog Bo Obama! Photo Credit: dcist.com

Today, the Obamas’ Portuguese water dog turns four years old (or 28 in dog years).

First lady Michelle Obama tweeted: It’s a big 4th birthday for Bo! He’s getting some extra treats today. –mo

As a little puppy, Bo moved into the White House in April 2009.

During his four years living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bo has already met Oprah, announced the 134th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, received his own Beanie Baby, ticked off Sarah Palin, and much more.

Bo also stars in his own campaign ads and official, pro-Obama merchandise.

Rumor has it, the loveable pooch even gets to sleep in the President’s bed every once in a while.

Back in March, our First Lady told David Letterman, “He is the smartest dog on the planet.”

“He is my son. I have two girls and a boy,” she continued. “He’s very well-mannered, he’s very even-tempered. He has a busy schedule, I mean appearances… we’re thinking about getting him an agent.”

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