Great White Sharks May Become Endangered

Photo Credit: davidpstephens/Shutterstock

(GREAT WHITE SHARKS) CALIFONIA — A team of California environmentalists filed a petition with the federal National Marine Fisheries Service to declare the great white shark endangered. Although it’s difficult to come by accurate population number the alarming amount of sharks caught in fisherman’s nets each year is cause for concern. Read on for more on the future of great whites. — Global Animal

Environmentalists are worried about the great white. Photo Credit: davidpstephens/Shutterstock

Ecorazzi, Brook Bolen

A team of Northern California-based environmentalists have filed a petition with the federal National Marine Fisheries Service urging officials to declare great white sharks endangered and therefore in need of the highest regulatory safeguards.

According to The Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey-based Oceana and the San Francisco-based Center for Biological Diversity hope to see “both the federal and state government listing the U.S. West Coast population of great white sharks as endangered.”

Although accurate numbers are difficult to come by, experts believe there are fewer than 400 great white sharks active statewide. Roughly 10 juvenile sharks reportedly die each year, as a result of being mistakenly caught in nets. To adequately address these issues, the groups argue, additional conservation measures are needed, particularly around drift and gill net fisheries.

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